"You live in a universe that is interactive.  Not only do you communicate with the universe, the universe communicates with you at all levels.   The heavens actually influence you.  And you can interact with the planets too because there are certain mantras you can use, certain prayers you can use and you can cancel the influence of the planet, or you can battle the influence of the planet."

Sri Vasudeva, June 8, 2003 Canada workshop

"The head is the ocean of Ananda (Bliss). In it is situated the Prana Linga, the seat of Liberation. This cannot be learned from books. It is inherent in the brain. The book consists of parts, but Jnana is the indivisible one. A book consists of chapters, but Jnana is single chapter. For those who have not realized, a book is necessary. But to a man of realization, there is only one undivided being. When a man takes birth, he is not born with a book in his hand but he is born with the Supreme intelligence of the inner Self. While coming (to this world) and going away (from this world), a man has no book in his hand. Only in the middle period he takes a book." 
Baba Nityananda, The Chidakasha Gita [trans. Kedar] #41

"Truly, this shocked reverence for the past is a wonderful and fearful thing!  After all, the Divine is infinite and the unrolling of the Truth may be an infinite process..., not a thing in a nutshell cracked and its contents exhausted once and for all by the first seer or sage, while the others must religiously crack the same nutshell all over again!"

Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, 22:93

"The materialistic, Newtonian, rational worldview, which identifies only with our external senses, prevents us from seeing the authenticity of our true origin.  When we operate from this perspective, we block ourselves, and we only experience life within physical boundaries, denying the limitless nature of life.  Yet we can use our innate wisdom, life experience, and inner intelligence to penetrate deep beyond the limits of the external senses."  

Mantak Chia & Dirk Oellibrandt, Taoist Astral Healing, loc.1247-8

"The traditional view of the mind that is being given to us through the medical and psychological sciences basically is telling us that the mind is created by our brains.  If you have that view…it means pretty much that you're not really open to downloading some of the influences from the central intelligence of the universe.  On the other hand what my work (and I'm not the only one doing it but I'm doing it in a very special way) is [saying is] that the mind and our thought processes in general are not created by our brains, rather the mind is something that is being downloaded to our brain.  It's sort of like the software to our hardware.  Our brains are like the hardware and the software is downloaded and it comes with these different waves.  And these waves appear to be emanating from the centre of the universe.  And you can say then that there is some intelligence that has been called "God" that is the the centre of this, the Source of all this."
Dr. Carl J. Calleman (link, loc. 1:07:19)

"While many scientists state something to the effect that 'the mind is what the brain does,' I myself, trained as a scientist, as well as a clinician and educator, find this an incomplete stance.  In The Developing Mind I make the scientifically presented case that the mind is not simply brain activity.  The mind, beyond subjective experience and beyond conscious and non-conscious information processing, can be seen as a self-organizing, emergent process of a complex system.  And that system is both within us and between us and others. . . . In short, the mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information."
Daniel J. Siegel, MD
"The Self is Not Defined by the Boundaries of our Skin", Psychology Today (link)
"What is this mind?  It was only the other day that Western philosophers have come to know that the eyes are not the real organs of vision, but that behind these are other organs, the Indryias, and if these are destroyed, a man may have a thousand eyes, like Indra, but there will be no sight for him.  Ay, your philosophy starts with this assumption, that by vision is not meant the external vision.  The real vision belongs to the internal organs, the brain centres inside.  You may call them what you like, but it is not that the Indriyas are the eyes, or the nose, or the ears.  And the sum total of all these Indriyas plus the Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Ahamakara, etc. is what is called the mind, and if the modern physiologist comes to tell you that the brain is what is called the mind, and that the brain is formed of so many organs, you need not be afraid at all.  Tell him that your philosophers knew it always; it is one of the very first principles of your religion."
Swami Vivekananda, Nov.12, 1897 Lahore "The Vedanta", 
Selections from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, 2006, p.251

"It is not the physicist but the Self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter." 
Paramahansa Yogananda quoting his guru Sri Yukteswar, 
Autobiography of a Yogi

"The purpose of this present volume is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity at the basis of all religions, that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various religions prevalent in the world, that there is but one method by which the world both external and internal has been evolved and that there is but one goal admitted by all the religious books." 
Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science (introduction)
"It has been thought that astrology is a science which, because it originated in an earlier time, could not develop, but in my view the situation is just the opposite.  Astrology was an infinitely developed science in some extremely advanced civilization, but that civilization has been lost and only incomplete fragments of its astrology have remained in our hands."
Osho, Hidden Mysteries, ch.5

"When it became known that paradise was not forever,  some great seers and sages conscious of the inexorable coming of a psychologically dark age, selected 28 signs from their garden of symbols, and disposed them in a specific order as a secret code capable of transmitting the essence of the ancient psychological culture, the full range of experimental psychology, the core pattern of the teaching of Thoth, the indispensable minimum knowledge ensuring that generation after generation the capable elite would know itself, form itself and grow into its completeness and fullness, with nothing in hand but the magical wand, the royal cubit."  
(Medhananda, 1986 (2006 ed.), The Royal Cubit, p.217)

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