Navel chakras

The manipura chakra is a soul centre responsible for storing the vitality (prana) of the physical body.  The Chinese, Japanese and other East Asian cultures give great importance to this energy center.  The way of the manipura is the way of Martial Arts and healing arts such as qi qong.

Sri Vasudeva explained to me that the physical body has its own physical-heart-brain system corresponding to the heart-neck-head chakras above it.  In brain in the gut is now known in neurobiology as the enteric system.  Related to the vagus nerve, it is the area where we can begin to control those stress responses - freeze-flight-fight caused when the physical body (motivated by the mind) thinks its survival is being threatened in some way.

Bruce Frantzis, a martial arts instructor in the USA, writes in one of his books that he had a black belt in Karate yet when he visited China he was toppled by a an old woman in a street demonstration who countered his physical force using the power of chi (prana).  That was a great revelation for him when he became a believer in the power of chi, and he went on to study with masters in China to learn how to harness the power of the solar plexus.  This is a meditative skill not only on the physical level.

First we become sensitized to energy - we begin to feel it, next to use the breath to move it, later the mind...and so on.  An awakened Kundalini makes this possible because Kundalini is the power of the Divine, the power of the Source within us.  In mastering chi we don't access our own little limited chi that is for our own use (strong immune system, digestion, etc.) but rather we learn to use the same life force that moves the planets and stars and channel that tsunami through us!  That's the difference.

The manipura chakra gives us a strong, vital and healthy physical body when we give attention to it and follow all the healthy life-affirming practices - right diet, right sleep, right exercise, as well the extra boost of pranayama and bandhas and all those yogic things that empower the soul to empower the body in the best way.

The GV points I associate primarily with the manipura chakra are:

GV4 Ardra         Mein Meng Chakra (between the sacral and the navel)
GV5 Punarvasu
GV6 Pushya
GV7 Ashlesha
GV8 Magha       Hrydaya Chakra (between the navel and the heart)

Mastery of prana begins at the solar plexus

Mastery of prana (chi) channelling out from the solar plexus (the Source comes from beyond).  Some examples.  I can't vouch for the authenticity of the people represented in the video below but I know from personal experience that this is very real.  We all have this power.   In Sanskrit it is called shaktipat - higher energy descending into lower energy.   Masters have it at very high levels, but we all have it to a degree and the rest is our hidden potential.  The secret is in tapping into the Source of all life force energy and becoming a more pure channel for it.

Through one-pointedness we can learn to become like the magnifying glass harnessing the power of the Sun:

We can burn through our spiritual blockages and we can learn to start fires.  I've never started a fire myself but when I do reiki, or when I do microcosmic orbit, focusing on the manipura, I breakout into a hot sweat.  When my Guru sends me energy I can feel it, whether he touches me directly or even through an intention or a word.  This is called in Sanskrit Shaktipat - the power of transmission from a higher to a lower source of energy.  The more evolved is the consciousness, the greater and faster the energy transmission.  When our heart chakra is open we are able to enter the energy field of another person.  We are constantly impacting people, things and places with this subtle energy - and in turn these can add to our chi or can drain it (if we are not protecting it).  Although there are scam artists out there, I know this is a real phenomenon as I have experienced it myself.

It takes mastery of the other chakras, not only the solar plexus, to be able to tap into life force energy and use it at will.  Here Siva is shooting chi out through His brow chakra:

Vision:  medical astrology & mysticism

In medical Jyotish Sun and Moon rule right and left eye respectively.  The navel chakra is associated with eyesight.  Astrologers (ex. David Frawley) associate Sun and Moon with the brow chakra.  Sun rules Leo and Moon rules Cancer - but in my deconstruction these signs have to do with nakshatras associated with the navel chakra.  According to Laya Yoga and Kriya Yoga, within the navel chakra is the beginning nadi of the causal body, the lower portion of bramanadi.  This energy channel extends up from the navel-hrit chakra area up to the top of the head (top of sushumna) to the brahmarandhra.  I have to conclude that Sun and Moon have to do with ego manifesting from the lower area, but of course being impacted by and impacting the upper area.  This is the navel-brow connection - how gut mind and brow mind affect each other.  Both have to do with eyesight.  The navel chakra has to do with the subtle power behind the physical eyes (also the astral eyes), while the brow chakra, in its association with higher awareness with the crown (or even with the akasha with the throat where higher intuition begins to flower) - the brow has to do with deeper insight.  The brow opens up the spiritual eye or third eye that develops the power of discrimination, being able to perceive true reality from false reality (maya).

That's why the Sun (Suryia) can represent ego in its lower aspect (selfish, contracted, ignorant) or risen to its highest aspect (in alignment and finally in identification with Higher Self).  Similarly the Moon (Chandra) carries with it the notion of lower mind and higher mind.  Ultimately both ego and mind must be transcended if liberation from lifetimes (moksha) is to be obtained.

And the Divine shows us in the daily play of day and night - we can see during the day because of the Sun and we can see during the night because of the moon.  And in the year, Winter Solistice and Summer Solistice mark the extremes that Sun and Moon represent.  And so too within.

[to be continued - I am looking for more information about the manipura system concerning minor chakras related to it]