"The Three Sisters", interview with Vedic expert, Narada-Kush Visser

"The Three Sisters of Self-Empowerment"
Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology, 
an interview with Vedic expert, Narada-Kush Visser
by Uma Yvonne Keogh

Originally appeared in Vitality Magazine, November 2005 edition (Toronto, ON, Canada).

Narada-Kush, an authority in his native Holland on ancient vedic wisdom, shares the fruits of his spiritual journey of twenty-five years.  Through his many books, workshop presentations and private consultations he brings the ancient secrets of living to one's full potential to the modern world.   In a journey of many twists and turns (at one time hosting at his own ashram a transcendental meditation retreat for 6,000), he now lives a more simple life bringing his knowledge and inspiration to anyone who has an interest in improving the quality of their lives through this special wisdom.  What follows are excerpts from an interview during his visit to Toronto in August 2005.

Q:  In your workshops, you teach that yoga, ayurveda and vedic astrology are connected.  How is that?

NK:  They are three sisters:  yoga, ayurveda and astrology.  They are very nicely connected with each other.  They are connected by the Self.  The Self is their parent and they are just three rivers coming from the same source but they are very much connected to each other.  They have the same principles, they have the same foundation, they have the same wisdom, they have the same natural qualities in them...  Only their perspectives are different (expressed in different ways) but actually they are all the same.  They have the same source and the same destination.

      The chakras are connected with the planets and of course the chakras are also important for yoga.  The vedic science consists of about 40 different parts (and there is all kinds of literature about that...  If you take Ayurveda or Vedanta or Astrology or Vastu (environment science) or the Puranas or the Upanishads... they are all very nicely connected with each other.  But we do not ordinarily study all those things because it is a huge thing but when we want to make it practical, then we take yoga, ayurveda and astrology and that makes a complete package of how to live life in a beautiful and enjoyable way.  And also in a growing way because the purpose of life is to grow.

      Yoga is the entrance for growing – mentally, consciously but also physically through the exercises and the breathing (pranayama).  And ayurveda is for prevention – that we do those things, eat those things and have that kind of lifestyle which prevents us from disease, problems and worries etc., and when the whole thing is going down anyway for whatever reason – it could be karma or the body falls sick – then they are also a very natural approach of curing the body in such a way and without all kinds of chemical things, that the body will recover itself, just through the proper foods, and the proper herbs and these kinds of things. 

What Goes On in the Universe Goes On in Ourselves

Then the third is astrology (vedic astrology or "jyotish").  Astrology is for time planning – how you plan your life, what you do this year, what you do next year, auspicious days but also in general so that we make use of the influence of the stars.  Now sometimes they fight a little bit with us.  Sometimes they support us.  Sometimes they are more neutral.  What is going on in the universe is going on in ourselves. The sun, for example, is not only the sun that you can see.   The sun is the sun in ourselves, it's our Self, our consciousness, our awareness.  So all the qualities which are in the universe are also in us and they are transforming all the time.  The transformations are happening every minute and the transformations are different . . . so that makes the influences different.  There are many things in our lives that can use the time planning and it is only for more support in our lives.  Also professionally we can do so many things to support it in the most desirable direction. 

Actually all three -- ayurveda, yoga and astrology support us to make life more comfortable, more growth oriented and more enjoyable.  We become the master of our destiny not allowing life to take it over.  You can compare it with a boat on the river.  You can try to go against the stream and row and row, you get tired, you complain life is so hard and you get exhausted.  Or you can go the other way, just with the flow of the river in the direction of the ocean.  It is more infinite...gives more freedom.

The Subtle Intelligence of the Body

Q:   So astrology works with the forces of the planets and what does ayurveda work with?

Ayurveda works with the forces in the body.  Our body consists of five elements:  water, fire, earth, air and the ether.  Everybody consists of these five elements.  In every body type, the proportions of the five elements are a little bit different, so one person has a little bit more air, the other person has a little bit more water, another person has a little bit more earth quality. Like that.  These qualities – we combine them into three qualities (vata, pita, kapha – the three doshas), and we can feel these qualities for instance in our pulse.  

A good ayurvedic physician can tell you right away what is wrong with the body, if you have a stomach problem or if you have a lot of headaches, or if you are taking the wrong food, or if your digestion is not nice or if your stool is wrong, or if you are going to fall quite sick in three years.  Ayurveda has a time quality as well like the astrology, so you can look into the future through feeling the pulse.  It is very subtle energy.  The vata, pita, kapha is actually the intelligence of the body and shows you how the intelligence is in (or out of) balance.  This skill [of taking the pulse] you can learn for your own body, just by practicing every day.

Q:   How the does the practice of yoga fit in?  What type of yoga do you teach?

There are many types of yoga.  Actually each chakra is connected with a type of yoga.  Yoga is of course very important because all of us, we feel and experience that we are limited in our mental thinking and in our behaviour, in making mistakes.  Sometimes we are upset or we are afraid or we are irritated by other human beings.  So there is a lot to do in the human being to grow more in awareness, in  well being, in balancing ourselves.  The foundation is just to grow in the direction of who we really are inside, to discover what is our real nature.   I have learned from my guru, Sri Vasudeva (see website www.blue-star.org), that there is an infinite source to which all of us are connected and that it is possible to connect with that source.  For instance, one of the most ancient, traditional ways to connect with the source is through meditation...and the mind reaches levels where there is more peace, more harmony, more love.  When we do that in a more regular way then it is possible to grow in our consciousness, in our awareness.  And growing means that we are more in contact with our source, with our divine source, the Spirit, everything. 

When we are growing, then also our environment will grow more and more.  So if we want to make any nice contribution to our family or to our friends or to our colleagues or to our work or to society as a whole, then the best thing is to do your own spiritual discipline – yoga exercises, meditation and all this will be a great help to the whole society, for the whole world.  [To paraphrase Sri Vasudeva] "Transforming yourself will transform the world."

And there are other possibilities.  My way of growing is to be connected with my spiritual teacher who is already in that field of loving awareness and he is my accelerator.  I just connect with him and he is accelerating me also to get that same quality.  We call that inner guru and outer guru.  He is my outer guru but this quality is also in me and this is what I call my inner guru.  So I'm connected more and more to my inner guru, and to get the qualities of the outer guru."

Q:  Do you think it's important for everyone to have a guru?

I think it is but not everyone is ready to have a guru.  We are all on certain levels of existence and no two persons in the world are the same.  Maybe some could be without a guru but those are very rare.  They have to be already at a very high state of awareness and they have to be ready to go on without a guru, or a spiritual teacher.  A guru is a teacher for living life in the most harmonious, peaceful and comfortable way.  It is very much recommended to have a spiritual teacher who already knows what life is all about and who can take your hand and guide you on the spiritual path.  Everyone can make their own choice because there are many spiritual teachers.  The best is of course an enlightened teacher.  Only then can he or she take you to the level of enlightenment. 

Q:  People think they're giving their power away.

Yes but that is a misunderstanding.  The spiritual teacher is meant to give you power and not to take your power.  He can give you a lot of power.  Actually his role to awaken your own power in you, the Shakti [energy transference to awaken the divine energy (kundalinli) within you] and make your inner guru come alive.

Q:  I suppose you are a guru of some kind because the word guru means "teacher".

I consider myself as a student, not really as a teacher.  What I can really offer is the experience of my own life, that I am in the process of spiritual development.  I have a lot of experience in that field.  I can share that with my fellow human beings and just to let them see that you can make life more complete, not by letting life go by on its own... We have two parts of life:  we have the outer part of life and we have the inner part of life.  When you only go to this outer part, you will miss a lot.  Life will never be complete.  From the outer part, you can never become really happy, satisfied, enjoying...because there are always things coming on your path which make you unhappy and so on.  So you have to make yourself powerful and the way I found for myself is to go inside and to see who I am.  When I experience that I discover a lot.  And you can take that journey also.  And when you then combine them both, the outer journey and the inner journey – then you will feel more and more that life can be very complete and very enjoyable and that life really has a purpose. 

The purpose is not finished when you pass away but we are just spiritual travelers --  we are on a journey and the destination is the same for every human being:  To become a fully enlightened human being.  As long as we have not reached that destination then life will come again and again and will give us lessons and lessons.  Sometimes we have to go through the same lessons all the time until we become more aware of how we have to manage the things which are coming on our path.  And finally every human being will reach the same spiritual qualities in his or her life because the divine power which is in us and which is behind us and which is supporting us, is there for all human beings independent of culture, or religion or any other background.  A human being is a spiritual being and one day will awake in his or her own life and notice what he or she really is.  My little role in the whole process is to travel around and to make people more aware of those beautiful possibilities.

If you would like more information about Narada-Kush Visser, his books, and his private consultations and workshops in the Netherlands/Hungary here is his website:  http://naradakush.nl/en/

Narada-Kush Visser interviewed on a Romanian television show