GV18 PurvaShada

The blissful nakshatra

In Laya Yoga this point is called the secondary bindu point (not the supreme bindu that you see in the OM symbol that comes when the soul merges into the crown chakra.  This is the one I believe where sexual energy gets transmuted into ojas, that intoxicating elixir.  It's where you feel high, stoned in meditation.  It's a kind of samadhi experience but you don't lose consciousness here.  You just feel really good, and really dizzy.  If I were blessed to spend a lot of time around my Guru this point automatically gets activated just by being in his energy field.  That's one of the benefits of having an enlightened Teacher.  Their energy field pulls your energy higher.  This is their power of shaktipat.

Indu chakra (posterior)

Indu chakra
Indu chakra

The Indu chakra or Buddhi chakra... is that 16-petalled part of the agya(brow) chakra related to intellectual faculty of the mind "Buddhi".  I believe that GV18 is the posterior and GV22 is the anterior portion of this.

"The word Indra implies one who is a conqueror of the senses (indriya).  Wisdom is the vehicle of the yogi who has conquered his senses.  God is indeed prominently manifested in the colossal wisdom of the sense conqueror."
Paramahansa Yogananda, God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita, p. 791 

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GV18 強間 (qiáng jiān)

The secondary bindu, place of intoxication.  It is located externally where the hair usually swirls at the back of the head.

In Mantak Chia's books on Taoism this is known as the ninth "palace" 9 of the Heavenly Emperor.  "It occupies the parietal operculum, behind which heavenly light shoots into the conscious mind through the parieto-occiptal sulcus." [source unknown]

In the subtle body in a point inside the brain there is are the minor chakras of the brow chakra system. Indra's chakra or the Buddhi (intelligence) chakra is located in the middle of the brain (in the subtle body) and has an anterior kshetram (entrance) somewhere on the forehead above the third eye at a point called the Soma chakra.  GV18 is the anterior kshetram of this, which is the secondary bindu.

Indu loves this point because he loves Chandra/Soma's intoxicating nectar.  There is nothing like getting high to keep the soul motivated to fight his lower ego tendencies and continue on up the sushumna and into the causal pathway to Bramarandhra chakra and beyond to Sahasrara.  After the difficulties met in GV17 this is a welcome respite, although we are not allowed to stay here, all drunk and dizzy.  This is not at the end of the journey.  This is not yet self-mastery, just a resting place, a heavenly place.

Because Soma (which is a grosser form of Ananda - the real bliss of the liberated one) Purvashadha's deity is Apah "water" as in the biblical "water of life" metaphor.  Apah, like the rain that falls on a parched earth, offers the power of invigoration (varchograhana shakti) to the yogi as he or she recooperates after Mula's demolition.

And there is nothing like the experience of being blissed out to motivate you.  Nothing distracts you.  You are free to use one-pointed meditation, or whatever practice you are using.  Purvashadha energy brings great joy but can be addictive too and that's when it gets counterproductive.

I think that souls in the afterlife are blissed out.  This has to be what heaven feels like.  Sri Aurobindo writes that:

"...all the Vedic gods are givers of the rain, the abundance, for vristi (rain) has both senses of heaven, sometimes described as the solar waters, savitar apah, or waters which carry in them the light of the luminous heaven, Svar."
The Secret of the Veda, Kindle ed. loc 1414-5 

The whole point of attaining Nirvana is to "die" whilst "alive" in a body, so that you can enjoy heaven and earth at the same time.  All those pop singers singing about the joys of sex don't have a clue what they're missing.  A former heroin addict turned devotee told me she had never had a high on drugs as wonderful as she did in meditation.  I know what she means.

Unfortunately, we can't live like this on Earth for extended periods of time, not until we've learned how to ground ourselves in all the chakras masterfully, living in alignment with the one Self of all.

Chinese Lunar General 亢 Kang

GV18 亢 Kang "A Man's Neck / Excessive" [PurvaShadha]

I will researching this xiu carefully for the story about the dragon that loses its head (which sounds awfully similar to Rahu-Ketu).  This is what "neck" is about.  In the bliss of this point, we literally lose our head because we are stoned...the intellect isn't functioning properly anymore.  Also the deity for this lunar constellation is the patron deity of alchemy, which is interesting.

...to be continued...