GV21 Shravana

Nakshatra Sravana is identified in the sushumna (GV21) with mahanada high up in the brow chakra, which gives the AUM sound; and is associated with words; and the mythological story of Vishnu disguised as Vamana who took back the 3 worlds (also symbolised by AUM) with three steps - a hint as to the real meaning of Shravana because Sravana is also the first step in the way of wisdom - from studying it to contemplation to becoming one with it.

"On the journey to wisdom, there are three steps: shravana, manana, nididhyasana. Those are the Sanskrit words. Shravana is listening (you learn, you listen, you absorb), but manana is the processing (it is what the caterpillar undergoes), and nididhyasana is your staying with the processing until the realization comes and you are firm in the realization. So the end of knowledge is wisdom!" ~ Sri Vasudeva, 2016 

The AUM star

I've figured out that Sravanna Nakshatra is really the AUM sound - in context of the primordeal vibration that creates the worlds/dimensions...all the vowels A, E, I, O, U that is expressed in AUM.  Prash Trivedi had already noticed this:

"Philosophical and religious attitudes which rely heavily upon phrases like "Word is God ..." and "In the beginning, there was the word, from which arose everything eise ...", corresponds to this nakshatra's line of thinking. It is true that "Om" (or Aum) was the first sound at the beginning of creation, but it is important to remember that the seed of the universe lay in a silent State before that. The "word" is not "god", but just one of the many expressions of the ultimate causative principle, commoniy known as "god"."

 Prash Trivedi, The Book of Nakshatras: A Comprehensive Treatise on the 27 Constellations

The "seed of the universe in a silent state" that comes before the aum represented by GV21-Shravana is represented in the human subtle microcosm as brahmarandhra, represented by GV20-Abhijit.  Moreover, Paramahansa Yogananda writes that everything that is created starts out as light and sound

Shravana is the birth star of Saraswati, goddess of music, but more importantly the nadi that extends from root chakra to the physical tongue, and the origin of sound through its four stages ascending from spiritual to gross (see link).  Abhijit representing Brahmarandhra GV20 is that celestial centre within us out of which primordeal sound emanates.  The AUM sound is heard on a subtle level in deep level, at an advanced stage.

All of creation emanates from AUM, from these three steps or stages in the form of vibrating energy that manifests into forms.  As such Sravana holds the secret of mantra power and the whole relationship of energy channels linking chakras, creating a web or matrix of power grids throughout our soul-being and the universe.  The mythology (below) gives a clue as to its power of connection that gives us tremendous cocreative power but also is the web of karma we weave every time we act.

The AUM sound is also linked to the महानाद Mahanada chakra that has the shape of a plough, according to Shyam Sundar Goswami's book (see bibliography) and as such marks a stage where the soul begins to connect with the crown chakra in a deeper way, moving into transcendence - beyond the individual identity and power of the "I" caught in a human experience, and re-joining Source or Higher Self consciousness.

This idea of AUM continues with GV22 Dhanistha, which is represented by the drum, as the primordeal vibration descending from GV20 moves into grosser form (from the involutionary path) while the soul moves into greater/deeper Cosmic Consciousness in its transcendental path.

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The art of listening

One of the symbols for Shravana, meaning "hearing", is the ear.  Let me put this in context of yoga:
"On the journey to wisdom, there are three steps: shravaṇa, manana, nididhyāsana. Those are the Sanskrit words. Shravaṇa is listening - you learn, you listen, you absorb. Manana is the processing - it is what the caterpillar undergoes [in metamorphosis]. And nididhyāsana is staying with the processing until the realization comes, and you are firm in the realization. So the end of knowledge is wisdom!"
Sri Vasudeva, excerpt from Day 24 of the 40 Days Observance, 2016

Shravana, listening, is the first step in becoming one with the Truth.  Listening requires open-mindedness.  You can't listen fully if your mind is full of prejudice.  Sri Vasudeva says he listens to people with a silent mind.  No thinking is going on.  No ego preparing to put forward a counterargument.  When I listen like that, I really get into the space of the other person.  I start to see things from their point of view.  The Wisdom path of yoga is like this, when it comes to listening to others.  With an awakened Kundalini we start to develop the faculty of discimination, that ability to see true from false - not to judge it, but to recognize when the Inner Guide is speaking through other people.  So there is more to this "listening" than just hearing the words.  It is a meditation.  It can take you all the way within.  This is how intuition develops too...when the answers come up from within, not from the thinking mind but from a deeper place.  So for me, Shravanna, right after the peak of Abhijit, is the wisdom that comes from enlightened awareness.

The trident symbol

From a mystical point of view the trident represents risen Kundalini, total power anchoring brow to crown.  The three channels ida, pingala and sushumna are converged at the brow.

Three steps:  Shravana & the Sudarshana Chakra

Vishnu holding Sudarshana Chakra

One of Shravana's main symbols is the Trivikrama, the three steps of Vishnu that cover the three worlds, the same three worlds represented in the Sudarshana chakra, Vishnu's chakra of the cosmos. There is a profound hidden meaning to this worthy of contemplation.  Below is my interpretation.

The Sudarshana chakra in Vedic Astrology is the combined ego chart using Lagna, Moon and Sun as Ascendents - it is the total person as represented in the chart : body (Lagna), active mind (Moon) and subconscious mind (Sun, the causal ego, the part of us that connects to the spiritual through the crown chakra/sushumna).  We are spiritual beings manifesting as gross, astral and causal beings in the human experience.  In the 27 nakshatra system Shravana contains Abhijit in it making it the most powerful nakshatra, in terms of ego capacity or ego development.  The Sudarshana chakra has 108 "flares" (whether it's "petals" or "flares" this always means "nadis" to me), and 108 is the total number of all the nakshatra padas in the 27 nakshatra system, the sacred ratio of the sun and moon to the earth and the total number of mala beads - this is this a lot of power.

The Sudarshana chakra is the cosmological circle.  It is the whole cosmos as represented in sacred geometry.  It is the writing on the turtle's back, holding up the worlds.

Shravana's deity is Vishnu as omnipresence.  And the shakti/power for that consciousness of omnipresence is that of connection (samhanana shakti) [source David Frawley].   This suggests that in Shravana the ego is connected to all three parts of its own soul as an individuality - physical astral and causal.  The idea of omnipresence is represented in the Sudarshana chakra - all three ascendents operating as one "I".

Do not think that people with Shravana are necessarily enlightened.  This is not the same as moksha, where this tripartite "I" merges with the collective/cosmic "I", but in enlightened beings who have transcended their "I"-ness and have chosen, out of compassion, to return to the human world in a flesh and blood body, they would certainly carry that enlightened consciousness of the triparte "I" but it exists in humility, in alignment with the universal "I" that is the Divine in all of us.  As Sri Vasudeva has taught, the true body of the ascended master is the causal one with its single attachment to compassion.  There are partially enlightened people who have the full capacity of their "I" - full mastery over their body, active (astral) mind and subconscious (causal) mind yet are not living in alignment with God (the crown chakra) because they are still pulled by their selfish ego.  These are ordinary gurus, not true gurus.  Shravana is not an indicator of enlightenment, but rather more an indicator of self-knowledge power and self-mastery.  The idea of omniscience power suggests a strong sense of multidimensional awareness.

In terms of spiritual development in the yogi, remember that Sudarshana chakra is the mightiest weapon and the war is really a war on body-identified ego - whether it is the physical body, astral body or causal body.  In order to attain transcendence of mind, the yogi needs to give all these up.   This is the ultimate sacrifice.  One gives up the "I" in order to enter into the transcendent space of the Source.  Only that which is beyond "I" can give us a new "I" allowing us to be reborn, totally purged of sin and restored to that alignment that brings the greatest fulfillment on all levels of being.  This is what happened to Sri Vasudeva during his Forty Days transformation (link), and it is our possibility also.

Shravana has the power to provide connection, meaning that a Shravana person can see people’s true paths in life [source is either Dennis Harness or Vic DiCara].  This must be because, as Sri Vasudeva says, we cannot see in others what we do not have in ourselves - and Shravana, if the above is true, indicates a highly self-aware person, understanding their Sudarshana chakra almost intuitively (if Moon is in Shravana) or with a lot of self-effort (if Saturn is in Shravana).   This is why a Shravana personality can make a skilled counsellor, especially a holistic type of counsellor, depending of course on other indications in the chart.

Shravana's symbols all together thus represent the gifts of self-realization in Abhijit as Brahma-Randhra chakra, that pure listening that comes from a silent mind (the ear) and one-pointed focus at the brow (the trident) thus being open to take in the entire universe in the three steps on the path to wisdom (hravaṇa, manana, nididhyāsana), as symbolized by the Sudarshan Chakra.

GV21 acupuncture  前頂 (qián dǐng)

前頂 (qián dǐng) "Before the Vertex"

Chinese Lunar General 翼 Yi

GV21 翼 Yi "Wings or Flanks" [Shravana]

The wings put me in mind of the brow chakra petals, ham and ksham flanking om in the centre.

Aztec deity Tepeyollotl version of the Mayan G8 underworld

Straight out of Wikipedia "In Aztec mythology, Tepēyōllōtl Nahuatl pronunciation: [tepeːˈju˕ːɬːu˕ːtɬ] ("heart of the mountains"; also Tepeyollotli) was the god of earthquakes, echoes and jaguars..."   These are noisy things, things to do with sound and vibration - also mighty things.

In J. Calleman's theory of the nine waves of consciousness, this corresponds to the 8th wave that he calls Galactic.  In his book The Nine Waves of Creation, he writes that the 8th wave is the one that gave rise to information technology and the internet because this consciousness wave of energy produces duality out of that unity consciousness being expressed in the 9th wave.  It is associated with right brain activity (our intuitive side).

ع Ayin and the manazil for universal Nature

Sufi master linked the letter  ع Ayin with this Arabian Lunar mansion that I connect with GV21.  According to Wikipedia:  "The letter name is derived from Proto-Semitic *ʿayn- "eye", and the Phoenician letter had an eye-shape, ultimately derived from the hieroglyph":

Again, I immediately think of the brow chakra (see above).  

According to Christopher Warnock the Arabian manazil associated with this carries the idea of the full flowering of art, beauty, creativity - that is certainly interesting since Saraswati is associated with Sravanna.  It is represented by seven stars (sevens for me mean all seven chakras).

Thoughts so far...

GV21 arising from GV20 on the devolutionary path is all about creation, Spirit going into the direction of manifesting in forms, at the first stage through the power of intention at the brow chakra and creating wave forms first in the AUM sound.  The Saraswati nadi flows along the front of the body, the part that concerns the physical world and is directly connected to one of the petals of the root chakra.  Sravana is thus association with creation from its onset - from the first vibrations "vritis" of the mind that is intention, that preceeds gross physical sound - for AUM is sound at a subtle level, expressing all sounds, and sound is that which contain all the elements within it for it is the highest of the element chakras (at the throat).  The rishis associate it with Vishnu not Brahma, so this is an aspect of the AUM that is sustaining life.  I think this must be its primordeal meaning - and that all meanings related to the lunar mansions would then derive from this.

[to be continued]