GV23 Satabhisha

शतभिषा Satabhisha, the healer

Satabhisha's name and symbol is the circle of 100 physicians (Prash Trivedi writes that the name means "one hundred meridians") so without a doubt, this must refer to the 100 petals of the Brahmarandhra chakra indicated by the GV20 (Abhijit) point on the top of the head which is the acupuncture point where all one hundred yang meridians converge.
GV23 上星 (shàng xīng) "Upper Star"

Brahamarandhra chakra is known as Nirvana in Buddhism and its relationship to the circle of of Satabhisha is very clear in the Zen symbol of the ensō (円相) that respresents absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void).  That circle is literally a circle at the top of the head, as the soft spot that is uncovered by the skull when we are born:

This Brahmarandhra chakra within the causal body corresponding to this point, according to Paramahansa Yogananda's treatise on the Bhagavad Gita, is the subtle "brain" of the causal body and marks the end of the Brahma-nadi, beyond which is transcendental essence.

In light of Satabhisha's link to GV20, Sri Aurobindo's characterization of its deity, Varuna, in the Rig Veda makes perfect sense:
"Varuna is the ethereal, oceanic, infinite King of wide being, wide knowledge and wide might, a manifestation of the one God's active omniscience and omnipotence, a mighty guardian of the Truth, punisher and healer.   Lord of the noose, and Releaser from the cords, who leads thought and action towards the vast light and power of a remote and high-uplifted Truth.  Varuna is the King of all kingdoms and of all divine and mortal beings; earth and heaven and every world are only his provinces."  
 Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda (Kindle), loc.8049-50

Varuna brings to Satabhisha nakshatra the power of healing (bheshaja shakti) specifically.  Because of its association with Brahmarandhra chakra this suggests to me that it is healing on all levels of being. To be in a high state of enlightenment is to be healed in every sense of the word.

On a side note, it seems a bit odd that it would be Satabhisha (GV23) and not Shravana (GV21) would be linked to GV20 but I guess this just emphasizes that all the chakras live in one another multidimensionally and are not limited to the two-dimensional and linear diagrams we create to locate them intellectually (as my Guru keeps reminding me).

Chinese Lunar General 星 Xing

GV23 星 Xing  "Star" [Satabhisha]

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