GV25 素髎 (sù liáo) & 鬼 Gui; उत्तरभाद्र UttaraBhadrapada; أَلْذِّرَاعْ ʾAdh-Dhirā‘; Tribal Night/Underworld G4

Meditation on the exhalation point:  rechaka / nasagra drishti

I found a correlation between GV25 and the last breath we take in a lifetime.  There is a saying going around yoga classes in the West, that a lifetime is a measurement of so many breaths, that we are given X amount of breaths from the moment of our first breath to our last.  Pranayama is promoted as a health-giving, rejuvinating activity, which it is, prolonging and enhancing life in the body.  It is also promoted as a way to de-stress, calm down the mind. This is how rechaka ("exhalation") and nasagra drishti (gazing on the tip of the nose or 12 inches out from the tip of the nose) is taught in the West.

"Control of breath ( pranayama ) may be internal or external. The internal is as follows: Naham (the idea I am not the body) is rechaka (exhalation), Koham (Who am I?) is puraka (inhalation), Soham (I am He) is kumbhaka (retention of breath). Doing this, the breath becomes automatically controlled. External pranayama is for one not endowed with the strength to control the mind. There is no way so sure as control of mind." 
Ramana Maharishi,  Be as You Are, (url, pp.9-10)

 And we see this reflected in acupuncture also...

GV25 素髎 (sù liáo)

"White Crevice / Bone-Hole"  The needle point at the tip of the nose...

The needle is pointing towards the nasal cavity.

So on a physical level we have reached the maximum point of the breathing aparatus, going literally up in the body.  On a subtle level, ida and pingala (the nadis utilized in pranayama) begin and end here.  Beyond that is the astral state of awareness, the realms of mind, manas, the nagas and the akasha.  Beyond that is the breathless state that which transcends existing on the prana that flows in oxygen and in thoughts and now tapping into the prana of the sahasrara or the cosmic life force, that which sustains the soul in the afterlife and all the other states.  The deeper you go, the more healing power you have.

Esoteric meanings

In Taoist neidan, according to Mantak Chia, this point is Emperor's Palace 2 "The Cave House" is located in the auditory area and is about primary sensory power (seeing, hearing, and smelling…) whether in the cave under the ocean (the fetus stage) or in the cave of darkness (night and advanced spiritual work). 

Dark Room Enlightenment:  Lesser, Greater, and Greatest Kan & Li by Mantak Chia (link)
I'm not exactly sure what Mantak Chia means by "cave house" and the second "Palace" of the Emperior.  These are metaphors belonging to Big Dipper Neidan.  GV25 is an acupuncture point pointing towards and connecting to this auditory area in the brain and because it is linked with the senses, it must fall within the domain of manas chakra, that part of the the brow chakra system where the soul's memory (chitta) is stored.  As a place we access in the afterlife (or in the present life using the third eye), this is where all of our past lives are recorded and more importantly those seeds of sense impressions "samskaras" that we are particularly attached to.  

In Carl J. Calleman's interpretation of the Mayan cosmology, this is the underworld dimension concerned with "tribal" matters.  In context of the monomyth, in context of the soul's reincarnation journey in the afterlife or life-between-life, this sounds to me like a point where the soul is connecting with the group soul they will be incarnating with in the next life.

In any link with manas chakra (the chakra of the nagas) there is definitely an association with the akashic realm or realms.  Chit-Atma / Chidatma "pure Being" (crown consciousness in the Self-realized soul) is at an intermediate state at this point.  This is implied in this reflection by Yogi Bhusunda:

“Prana, having flown out, will again be absorbed in the heart having run back 12 digits. Similarly will Apana be absorbed in the heart, having issued out of the heart and running back 12 digits to it. Apana being the moon, will cool the whole body in its passage. But Prana being the sun, will generate heat in the system and cook or digest everything in it. Will pains arise in one who has reached that supreme state, where the Kalas (rays) of Apana the moon, are drowned by Prana the sun? Will rebirth arise in one who has reached that powerful seat, when the Kalas of Prana, the sun, are devoured by Apana the moon? These will arrest at once the seven births of those who reach that neutral state where they find Apana Vayu consumed by Prana and vice versa. I eulogise that Chidatma, who is in that intermediate state, where Prana and Apana are absorbed in one another. I meditate ceaselessly upon that Chidatma, who is in the Akasa, directly in front, at the end of my nose, where Prana and Apana both become extinct. Thus it is through this path of Prana’s control, that I attained the supreme and immaculate Tattva, devoid of pains.”
quoted by Swami Sivananda here

This sounds like an interesting pranayama I have not practiced myself because I do not like going cross-eyed and because I don't need to do it, but I will share with you my own experience of rechaka "exhalation" in a spiritual context.  When I practice the Microcosmic Orbit, I use rechaka (exhalation) forcefully to push the prana down from the GV20 point along the face and accessing the Functional/Conception Vessel at GV28 down through the chakras to the bottom.  Simultaneously I am pushing prana down the sushumna through the major chakras.  Then everything gets pulled up from the root to the top of the head with the in-breath.  This is a really an early stage of practice as far as moving prana/chi is concerned.  When the prana really gets flowing and I no longer need to use muscles and breath, it flows almost on its own but for now I will use my mind (power of intention and attention) to keep it flowing and if my mind wanders, then I bring back the breath again and the muscles (bandhas) if I need to as well.  Not having to use the breath to move prana is when the practice moves my being into the more subtle layers and the practice itself becomes more refined.  When we are born as babies, the energy is orbiting around all on its own since the baby's ego hasn't surfaced yet to interfere with it.  Pranayama is a wonderful tool for all kinds of practical applications but, as my Teacher Sri Vasudeva says, on the spiritual journey it is a boat that takes you across the river and once you have reached the shore you can dock it, you don't need to carry it anymore (unless you are portaging).

 उत्तरभाद्र UttaraBhadrapada

The reincarnating soul (see GV24 - Purvabhadrapada) according to my theory, is still in a life-between-life space, preparing for the next life.  

The second naga dragon energy comes into play with the deity Ahir Budhyana, serpent or dragon of the deep, the depths of the Atmosphere.  Its power is the bringing of the rain (varshodyamana shakti).  Fire and rain are the elements at work in the two Bhadrapadas.  I think these are both tied in with the manas chakra.  There is an association with the akasha in the yogi practice of rechaka / nasagra drishti (see above) so this makes sense.

In making sense of the core meaning of this nakshatra all things need to be considered - what the point is used for on the different levels of meaning:  physical, mental, and spiritual; also considering going in a material direction in descent/involution of the incarnating soul as well as going in ascent/evolution of the excarnating or enlightening soul.  When you read these things it depends on context.  The more enlightened you are, the more layers of Truth you will see.  This is sort of how enlightened consciousness brings self-mastery and mastery of your world - you can see more, you understand more, and you are in your space of power, as Sri Vasudeva calls it, moving not only matter but energy too from a space of witnesssing consciousness so you are not swept away by it.  The space of the pure witnessing "I" or Chit-Atma is in the GV20 point but only AFTER it has transcending it, merged with Sahrasrara and returned in purified form to GV20.  I can't say this enough.  The master of GV20 is a dangerous creature unless his or her will has been completely surrendered to the Cosmic "I" or Ishwara by that which the Void-Divine represents.  Do not think that the empty place in the skull represents the void.  The nakshatras are in the realm of mind.  They tell us what mind is seeking, but mind dissolves once it enters the void.  It can only exist with an "I" and an "I" needs a body of some kind in order to exist.

Once I learn more about the Chinese version, hopefully it will explain even more about this nakshatra.   Then I will tackle the Mayan meanings.

[to be continued (I'm sorry if any of this sounds confusing, bridging the philosophies of different cultures and times is tricky at best)]

Chinese Lunar General 鬼 Gui

GV25 鬼 Gui "Ghost" [UttaraBhadrapada]

Arabian Manazil  أَلْذِّرَاعْ ʾAdh-Dhirā‘

أَلْذِّرَاعْ ʾAdh-Dhirā‘

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