GV4 Ardra

Re-direction of Procreative Energy for Revitalizing the Body

अर्धचन्द्र Ardhacandra "crescent moon" (water element)

I found several very interesting correspondences to "ardra" and its connection to the sacral chakra:

Ardhacandra (अर्धचन्द्र, “crescent moon”).—A type of gesture (āṅgika) made with a single hand (asaṃyuta-hasta);—(Instructions): The fingers and the thumb so bent as to make a curve like a bow.  [link]
Ardracandra mudra described above

Āpa (आप, “water”):—One of the five gross elements assigned as a zone (or sphere) to the human body (bhūtamaṇḍala), according the Yogatattva-upaniṣad. The element water is assigned to the region from the knees up to the anus. Water is symbolized by a crescent (ardhacandra); the colour white (śukla) and the syllable va (va). The deity presiding over this region is Viṣṇu/Nārāyaṇa.  [link]
swadhisthana (sacral chakra)

The bow-shaped cresent moon in the diagram respresents the subtle element water that is associated with the sacral chakra (swadhisthana).  

Ardra also has an association with kanda (GV2) as a solar (Rudra-pingala) energy flow mirroring the lunar (Soma-ida) energy flow of GV3-Mrigasira arising from both sides of kanda.  I found this very obscure esoteric information from The Serpent Power (p.320-3).  Kanda (GV2) is that point at the base of sushumna from which vajra nadi extends up to the head, and where Kundalini begins to move upwards having been roused from Her sleep in the root chakra.  

The conscious yogi assists in this process by helping to arrest the downward flow of prana (the apana) using practices such as mula bandha and pranayama enticing Kundalini to perform purification kryias at this point - and all of this is what I believe is represented by GV4 Ardra.

आर्द्रा Ardra

Ardra is the 3rd in the mythological sequence beginning with Brahma's pursuit of Rohini, her being turned into a deer (Mrigasira) and Ardra is Shiva as Rudra destroying the incestuous lust of Brahma with his arrow.  A yogic practice is the harnessing of sexual energy for the vitality of the body by bringing it up from sacral chakra and adding it to the vitality of the navel chakra, rather than spending it on orgasm.  David Frawley writes about this in his book Soma and Ayurveda.  Semen is held back and taken up the spine.  I think it is not the physical stuff semen but the subtle energy of it that is held in the body or taken up higher.  

Sri Vasudeva advocates bringing the sexual energy to the other chakras above the navel as well.  Here is my post on how to do it, based on one of his meditation workshops (link).

Since the GV4 point is clearly associated with the navel chakra, it is saying to take the sacral energy to the navel.  This suggests to me that Ardra people must have strong immune systems or healthy body energy or something like that, or they have the power to restrain themselves.

Ardra's deity Rudra gives this nakshatra the power or effort (yatna shakti), "particularly for making gains in life," [David Frawley].   This must be the effort of bringing the sexual energy up to the navel where it transforms into vital energy.

Prash Trivedi writes that Adra's main symbol is the Diamond.  The way this makes sense to me is in its connection to the navel chakra, Manipura, which means "city of jewels".  A navel chakra that is loaded up with life force energy makes the body glow.  We see it whenever we watch Olympic atheletes, who are doing it automatically.  That glow is expansion of soul, the aura is greater, it shines a little more brightly.

Paramahansa Yogananda (Kryia Yoga) writes that the Chitrini Nadi begins somewhere in the navel chakra - linked to Chitra nakshatra at the throat.  चित्र chitraa has many meanings including the idea of a jewel from which you can see a rainbow of colours.  This could very easily refer to the chakras and the aura they produce when the soul shines in its expanded states through a physical body, or through any dimension of the human experience.  The most important root word that connects them is चित् chit, as in the supreme enlightened awareness of Satchitananda:  Chit is the "consciousness" of the Sat ("existence") that brings supreme bliss "ananda".  (In Chitakasha Gita, Baba Nityananda said "Sat plus Chit equals Ananda"; and Sri Aurobindo also writes about Ananda as the supreme Soma experience in his commentary on the Vedas.)  The orgasm that Ardra shoots upward (this is Rudra, Shiva in the form of the brow chakra or willpower) will transmute many times through various subtle experiences of bliss referred to in the Rig Veda (oldest known source of the nakshatra deities) as amrita, soma, etc. and the elixir of the tantric practices.  Ananda is the supreme bliss, when Kundalini as the goddess Shakti unites with her beloved God-consciousness Shiva in the crown chakra - in the Maha Bindu.  The crown chakra is where all the nadis meet, like rivers flowing into an ocean of bliss, and what the mind is really seeking in the human experience.

Possible connection with अर्धनारीश्वर, Ardhanārīśvara

आर्द्रा Ardra (whose deity is Shiva in the form of Rudra-associated-with-storms) may be also be a very subtle play on the word अर्ध Ardha "half" encapsulated in the idea of अर्धनारीश्वर, Ardhanārīśvara which is Shiva in the form of half Shiva half Shakti.  The sacral chakra is associated with the element water, so Rudra carries that consciousness of the element water.  To understand Ardhanārīśvara, I turn to Sri Vasudeva's explanation from his talks in the Unveiling Maya workshops:

...the philosophy of Shaivism. In this [philosophy], it says that the energy that creates Māyā is a part of the consciousness, it exists in the consciousness, it is created by the consciousness, it is of the consciousness. It says that consciousness and energy are inseparable. Consciousness is that stand alone, apart, and it generates energy out of itself to create the duality, because in the duality it can experience itself. Without the duality it cannot experience itself, so it becomes relational. 

That part of it that creates is energy; you need energy to create anything. That part of itself is called Shakti, that which creates, and it is symbolized by the female. The female is one who begets; out of the female we have all come. So that part of us and of the Universe that creates and is involved in creation is called the Shakti, and is symbolized by the female. If you look at the aspect of Shiva and Shakti, it is symbolized by half male and half female. That is called Ardhanārīśvara; half male, half female. Shiva is shown as half male and half female; it denotes the Shakti part of the Shiva. The Shiva and the Shakti are one, like Yin and Yang. So you have the oneness of Shiva and Shakti, the relational part of the Universe; you have a consciousness aspect and an energy aspect that are related to each other. Then you have a transcendental aspect that is totally uninvolved in time, creation, anything. So the Māyā is created from that Shiva aspect that is associated with the Shakti. 
Sri Vasudeva, April 3, 2017, Lifting Maya's Veil - a Guide to Self Transformation (transcription) 

I realized this when I was doing some research on Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:22) as a biblical re-storying of Kundalini involving Herself in matter (which is also what Sri Vasudeva teaches), and I discovered that scholars are now saying that the Hebrew word in the bible referring to Adam's rib צֵלָע (tsela) is actually a metaphor meaning the side of Adam's body:
"Hebrew ṣelāʽ (thus the correct transliteration) is a clear cognate of Akkadian ṣēlu and Arabic ḍilʽ and ḍilaʽ, all of which primarily mean “rib”, but are also metaphorically used to mean “side”. They are very widely attested in Akkadian and Arabic and leave no doubt as to their meaning. It is a basic Semitic noun for a body part. From a linguistic point of view, the most straightforward translation is the most literal one, in this case “rib”."

Let's think about this for a minute.  Creationism is really about God (Consciousness) involving itself in Matter through condensing forms of subtle energy (Shakti).  That's really what the Genesis story is all about and it even alludes to the process in six stages involving the elemental chakras from brow to root.  Kundalini is sexual energy.  In the root chakra (which is our planet Earth and our gross material mind=brain consciousness) Kundalini is said to be coiled, asleep, and we are completely ignorant of our soul nature and how prana/subtle energy permeates all of existence.  The sacral chakra is where the Shiva-Shakti nature begins to express its subtle nature.  Adam and Eve is really about our subtle body becoming involved (and Revelation is the Gnostic interpretation of Evolution) - and it's all (I believe) derived from this older knowledge that is linked to Ardhanārīśvara - that Consciousness is male-female.

Sri Vasudeva spoke about the gift that awakening of Kundalini brings when she opens up the sacral chakra:

"We will see the [sacral] centre as a marvellous centre of vitality, gender, divinity.  We will no longer see male and female as humans."
Sri Vasudeva, May 4, 2017,  Lifting Maya's Veil - a Guide to Self Transformation 
Here he is referring to male and female as spiritual beings in a human experience, not merely in the gross sense of gender, but rather in a subtle sense as male energy or yang/pingala and female energy or yin/ida.  This is what spiritual awakening at the level of the sacral chakra brings to us, this gift of beginning to sense the subtle dimension.  It also brings the gift of understanding the subtle element associated with the sacral chakra, water-as-subtle-element (not H2O merely, which is its gross form). So the name Ardra has an association with Shiva in Rudra form as "God of Storms" - meaning consciousness of the water element in this context, and also an association with Ardhanārīśvara - that primal male-female consciousness that is aware of the yin yang, prana upana energies in the body, and the way consciousness+energy operates to produce the illusion of matter.

This yin-yang story has a connection with GV1 Ashwini in the idea of twins, and with GV28 Bharani in the story of Yama-Yami (the Vedic "Adam and Eve"), so Ardra helps the soul begin to remember that it came from and is really composed of spiritual things and not the physical body that Nature has given it, or that the physical is a sleeping manifestation of its true nature.  With the sacral chakra we are still in the domain of the physical chakras, but Ardra with its power to begin the process of disillusionment and awakening, can wake us up to our more subtle nature.

I continue to be fascinated at the depth to which these nakshatras reveal Truth!

Acupuncture point GV4 命門 (mìng mén)

  This point is called "Gate of Power / Proclamation Gate / Gate of Destiny, and Gate of Life".  It is the vitality storage of Qi (between kidneys or spleen) and the life of the body.  This suggests that this minor chakra is directly connected to the navel chakra - certainly I think it forms a link between the sacral and the navel.    

Lower Dantien (Tai Chi)

Lower Dantien is where the sacral and navel chakras link up.  Associated with the kidneys (adrenaline, the body's vitality storage) GV4 appears in this diagram as the top left end point of the downward facing triangle.  The lower dantien is where "jing" (gross-body prana - I don't know any other Sanskrit term) gets converted into "chi" (subtle prana).  Click link to find more information about the energetics about this area.  This is an important area for body strength, strong immune system, fighting strength for martial arts, and fighting strength for averting disease.  It also gives us willpower that our body is a well oiled machine serving us.  

The 命門輪 Mein Mein Chakra (Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui)

The following is from an article based on The Chakras and their Functions by Master Choa Kok Sui, who developed Pranic Healing© and Arhatic Yoga© which is a new synthesis of many occult sciences.  My understanding is that he has re-discovered this chakra, associated with GV4, together with colleagues, through clairvoyant means.  This is new research.  I don't know of any equivalent in the Vedic system.  (I guess these things have been lost in time or kept secret.)

8-petalled Meng Men Chakra associated with GV 4 (click image for URL)

The ming mein chakra controls and regulates the adrenal glands (see link for more details).

  ming "life" +    mein "gate" +    "wheel" (chakra)
Notice that the character for "life" 命 looks like a house:  the physical body is the house/temple for the soul.  This makes sense to me.  This is what manipura, as the brain of the physical chakras, is doing - managing the life force in the body.  However according to this etymology dictionary it means someone getting their orders - a kneeling person under an inverted mouth.  In this one it means "fate; life; an order; destiny; instruction; luck" and is composed of the characters 口 "spoken"and 令"command".  It suggests a portal (gate) chakra (wheel) where we get our marching orders for life, in the sense of destiny, although I see this in the sense of vitality of the physical body, destiny of the physical body.

Taoist neidan (Grandmaster Mantak Chia)

In the practice of Taoist neidan the navel chakra is the first dantien (what is the first granthis in Hinduism) where the ego/soul begins to loosen its heavy identification with the physical body, and begins to think "maybe I am more than just a physical body".  [I am sorry to say that Western Science has yet to untie its first granthis.]

The first dantien is where jing (gross life force energy) converts to chi (subtle life force energy).

Here is a more detailed definition of this point that is accessed in yoga by practicing the Mula Bandha (lifting of the perineum to contact the etheric connection point through the root chakra and into the sacral and navel chakra center):

"Because the lower Tan Tien is the place where our prenatal Chi is stored, where all the energy that we absorb and collect during the Chi Kung exercises is stored, and where denser energies are transformed into more subtle energies, Taoist inner alchemy places a great deal of attention on this area.  The lower Tan Tien is also called the "medicine field" or "elixir field," as it gathers and contains the healing power of Chi.  Other names for it are the "cauldron" and the "navel center."  The expression "cauldron" refers to the function of the lower Tan Tien as the center of internal alchemy that transforms energy.
The lower Tan Tien serves as the source of the life force or vital force.  This then becomes transformed into the more subtle Shen Chi, or spiritual power/energy.  Thus throughout all Universal Tao practices, the lower Tan Tien remains the key to supplying the body and the mind with a free, uninterrupted flow of energy.  Taoist Chi Kung is above all a practice by which the unity of what is above and below is acknowledged and honoured.  Through its service as a reservoir and transformer of Chi, the lower Tan Tien confirms the unity between earth and heaven in the body."
Mantak Chia & Tao Huang, The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching (2005, Kindle ed.) loc.567-8

From Chia & Huang (2005) The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching
In the Vedic science the first Tan Tien corresponds to the first psychic Granthis "knot" of body-identified "I" consciousness that (metaphorically) needs to come "untied" to free the soul-ego to find its true disembodied identity in Spirit as Spirit.  And this is what frees the Kundalini from the lower chakras so that it may move higher up in fullness.  The Kundalini moves higher up/inward even when this body-consciousness is prevalent, maybe not 100% but enough to take us higher (just as a river encountering stones and boulders manages to navigate around them).  This happens once the higher chakras are pierced.  Sri Vasudeva teaches that spiritual seekers should not neglect the physical body, to make it a more fit vehicle in service to soul and Spirit.  Our body is our friend on the journey to moksha.  (When I'm really on top of my game) I include Mantak Chia's microcosmic orbit practice, in addition to my yoga practice and meditation for a wholistic approach to my development on all levels of being.

Chinese Lunar "General" 婁 Lou to Emperor White Tiger

GV4 婁 Lou "Bond /The Train of a Garment" [Ardra]

Arabian Manazil  أَلْسِّمَاك \ أَلْسِّمَاكُ ﭐلأَعْزِل As-Simāk /ʾAs-Simāku ʾl-A‘zil

 أَلْسِّمَاك \ أَلْسِّمَاكُ ﭐلأَعْزِل As-Simāk /ʾAs-Simāku ʾl-A‘zil

p.s.  Practically every ancient culture has studied this transmutation of life force.  Have a look at Sandeep's article here comparing things from ancient Egypt, Greek, Summarians, Chinese, Indian etc.