GV9 至陽 (zhì yáng) & 虛 Xu; पूर्वफल्गुनी PurvaPhalguni; أَلْشَّوْلَة ʾAsh-Shawlah; Muluk


Since all the nakshatras have something to do with the process of enlightenment, I am inclined to believe that Purvaphalguni's association with the joy that comes from sex in marriage and from financial wealth is a degraded interpretation of what was originally intended to express the bliss of spiritual experience at the heart chakra and the wealth of spiritual knowledge of Truth that comes with it.

The deity for PurvaPhalguni is Bhaga, a god whose shakti gives this nakshatra the power of procreation (prajanana shakti).  Bhaga, like most of the deities associated with the nakshatras, is referenced in the Rig Veda.  Using Sri Aurobindo's interpretation I discover that Bhaga is Ananda (here used as an all-encompassing word for that bliss that comes from spiritual experiences):

""The divine enjoyment, bhaga, typified by the god Bhaga, the Enjoyer in the power of Truth."  Sri Aurobindo, The Secret..., [link]
 If you have ever experienced an awakening at the heart chakra, or even falling in love because in meditation we can experience falling in love with love itself - this is a heart chakra opening.  It is a stage in Ananda (not the final moksha one but a beautiful stage).  When your heart is overflowing with love what do you want to do?  You want to stand on the mountain and shout to everyone.  You want to share it with the world.  This is the "born again" experience that brings people into religious study and the beginning stages of bhakti (that which flowers in Anuradha higher up the sushumna). Thus "sharing" is part of the meaning of the word bhaga "joy":
""Bhaga", enjoyment, and "bhaga", share, were for the Vedic mind not different words, but one word which had developed two different uses," Sri Aurobindo, The Secret..., loc. 916 [link]
In context of the Rig Veda, Bhaga is invoked in the context of a hymn praising the Sun as an emanation of God's creative forces.  I think this might have something to do with Bhaga's shakti of procreation:
"When in us each creation of the active Ananda, the prajavat subhagam, comes thus out of the unmanifest, received and heard rightly of the knowledge in the faultless rhythm of things, then is our creation that of Bhaga Savitri, and all the births of  that creation, our children, our offspring, praja, apatyam, are things of the delight, visva vamani.  This is the accomplishment of Bhaga in man, his full portion of the world-sacrifice." 
Sri Aurobindo, The Secret..., loc. 4765-6[link
What kind of "procreation" is this?  I believe that Rohini has more to do with sexual procreation.  Here we have arrived at the heart chakra system.  The heart chakra is primarily the vehicle for receiving and transmitting the spiritual emotions - love, compassion, forgiveness, all those things that in bhakti("devotion") center us in our divine consciousness and allow us to tap into the creative life forces of the Divine.  All kinds of "procreation" comes from this opening of the heart chakra - more loving being, the ability to heal, the ability to empower your intention to co-create with the Universe with the wings of love.  If you have seen the film The Secret, they say in it this is a feeling universe.  It is not enough to be intellectual but to love with all your heart.  As you give so shall you receive.  This, I believe is the real message of Bhaga and the original purpose of Purvaphalguni.

Relationship to Magha?

Jupiter's birth star is in Purvaphalguni, linking it to Brihaspati and Magha.  Bhaga and Magha sound the same (in English).

[to be continued]

GV9 至陽 (zhì yáng)

"Extremity of Yang"

Chinese Lunar General 虛 Xu

GV9 虛 Xu "Emptiness / Void / False" [PurvaPhalguni]

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