Opportunities in our Present Age

From Dr. Carl Johan Calleman's research I see very clearly how the ancient Mayans had their own version of the Yugas from Vedic knowledge.  The Yugas are related to the precession of the equinoxes, that is the full circle of the zodiacal cycle spanning enormous lengths of time.  I find it absolutely fascinating that the zodiac circle moves one degree every seventy-two years and that we have 72,000 nadis (energy channels/meridians) in our astral body.  Just one more observation of the linkage between macrocosmos and microcosmos.

Now that the Mayan Long Count for Kali Yuga has ended as of October 28, 2011 13-Ahau, it is as though we as humanity have reached the GV1 Krittika position beginning the slow ascent to enlightened consciousness as a species.  We are on our way to reclaiming Paradise Lost, that is enlightened consciousness of the Sat Yuga.  Below are two points of view about the tasks of this age, one from Dr. Calleman and the other from my Teacher, Satguru Sri Vasudeva.

Our "New Age" from the viewpoint of the ancient Mayans

On Feb.12/17 Dr. Calleman posted this on our Facebook page:
"In order to understand the world of today and chart a course we need to realize that both biological and mental evolution emanate from the same source and follows a time plan encoded by the ancient Maya in their calendar. This is the most profound meaning of quantum physics in the fractal-holographic universe and holds a significant unifying message for our time. To illustrate this I have created a one and a half hour long video The Nine Waves of Creation based on an interview with me made by Jill Hanson at the QPScience project."  [see below]
Dr. Carl Johan Calleman posted on our Facebook page, Feb.12/17

Opportunities of this New Age of Ascending Dwapara

I was asked how knowledge of our chakras is useful knowledge at a time when we are dealing with global warming, terrorism, poverty, violence and all the horrible things going on in our world.  How could this be useful?  Why do we need to know about the chakras?  Being trained in social work, spiritual work takes a back seat to focusing on survival.  It is not valued in our culture because its value is not seen.  Self-mastery seems to most of us like a leisurely past time for those of us who already have the basic necessities of life, or choose not to rely on them.  We tend to compartmentalize spiritual self-work.  So we live in ignorance, continuing to suffer, not knowing there is power in pursuing spiritual self-introspection and reflection.

Sri Vasudeva's philosophy for global change is based on the enlightened idea that if we transform ourselves first, the world will transform as a result.  The caveat for that is that we need to find the change agent or transformative impulse in doing the spiritual work of bringing light to our world.  It's not about escaping from worldly service - dharma.  It's about being in the world knowing "I am not of this world" - being centered in Divine Self while active in the world.

As anybody who considers themselves a light-worker knows, it's tough to deal with the level ignorance our world is manifesting at this time.  We tend to be hyper-sensitive people, sensitive to subtle energies, more consciously awake.  We want to evolve but the harder we try to do the good things, the generous things, exhibiting virtues, our hidden dark side is disturbed, bringing up our blocks to ascension.  This is why Sri Vasudeva says that this age is a good time for ascension, because it's really tough to stay spiritual, to stay centered, when the world around you is so full of evil - that's the real test of being spiritual and the real work of the sincere seeker:

"The cosmic Yugas create the cycles of existence. We are held in these cycles as they move from light into darkness and then vice verse. We are now in a Dwapara age (Sri Yukteswar's calculations from the The Holy Science). That's why Tamasic qualities and Rajasic pervade at this time. Sattvic qualities are slowly growing. At this time dark souls continue to inhabit the planet giving many opportunities for soul cleansing from dark karmas manifesting in the Play. 
The knowledge of chakras help us to centre in soul power that we may generate light through sattvic and rajasic energy to meet with and prevail upon darkness. These times, though they are challenging, present many opportunities for growth. Hence like-minded souls need to come together (sanghas) to support and nourish each other making the forces of light stronger. This is the opportunity in this yuga."
Sri Vasudeva, Dec.14/16 (private correspondence)

My own Teacher, Satguru Sri Vasudeva, spoke briefly about the opportunities during this new age, called Dwapara Yuga, in the Vedas during a healing workshop in Trinidad on Feb.8/17 (link to video and archives - his talk begins at 42:30).  Below is a transcript of his talk.

There is a whole body of knowledge and practices that are not recognized completely by mainstream medicine (but they are becoming more and more open [to it]).  And this is not an age where spirituality is dominant or predominant.  This is an age where there is still darkness, tamas.  
For those of you who follow the cosmic cycles, according to astrologers we are in the early stages of Dwapara Yuga.   For those of you who follow the ancient Indian legends, Krishna was in the Dwapara and that's where we had the great Mahabharata battle because of the evil forces that were around.
Although we are in a similar yuga now, Dwapara, and the predominant energies of Dwapara are tamas, which is the ignorance, the veiling power over the consciousness; and rajas - and you can definitely see that.   Satwa is not in dominance [at this time].  Satwa is the quality of balance and equanimity and harmony.  So if you really want to understand why the world is as it is - it's [because it's] held in a cosmic cycle.  
But this cycle is also a good time for cleansing and purification for those of us who have the negative tendencies in our being when we come [into embodiment] in such a yuga, we get a challenging environment that will help us to grow and so for some of us we would have chosen to come in this kind of yuga so we can have a "huge" level of purification.
It's not that we become a victim of the yuga but there is a marvellous opportunity of purifying and lifting.   in fact in the challenge of Mahabharata (those of you who would have read it) all the challenges forces there at the end of it, they would have been lifted into a higher space.  So the battle would have cleansed them.
Just to say that the universe is entirely gracious.  It is not a universe that punishes.  It is a gracious universe that is constantly helping us to grow.  it challenges us but we are the ones who make ourselves suffer by holding on to ignorance.  The more we can come into the light, the more we can rise above ignorance, and the more we can enjoy the play - the play of life.
In the healing circle the focus is wellness from the inside out, healing from the inside out.  So the goal is really to connect with the pure and divine Self that is within you.  There is a God-Self within you and in that God-Self there cannot be imperfections.  Whenever we can touch that in a flash of inspiration or in the moment, we feel completely pure, lifted, clean.  And then when we fall out of it and we come into the ignorance, then we come into the mind and the tamas comes into the mind.
So the goal would be to uncover that Divine Self within us and when we do, we can align ourselves to It because that way we can channel or bring healing energies into the space.  I'm sure that you'll agree with me that the mind is the most powerful tool that you have in the consciousness.  There is a saying "As you think so you become."  And in the bible (and we're all familiar with it) says "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."  Our thoughts create our reality.  You think that you are study, then you behave stupidly.  You think that you are sick and you can influence it big time.  If we become loving, really loving, then we bring more oxytocin into the system.  When we become more excited about doing things, then dopamine comes into the system.
But if enjoy the excitement of doing things, if we can enjoy the excitement of generating it in groups, if we can enjoy living together in harmony, then we begin to change the neurotransmitters inside - more seritonin, more dopamine, more oxytocin.  The trick is in the consciousness.
And that's why spirituality is so very important because in spirituality we try to clear the consciousness of limitations, try to connect to that Supreme Divine within and to channel from there - because the moment we make the connection, the Divine itself is looking to manifest Itself in and through us, our Higher Self inside is seeking to merge with our being.  
That's why we call this process of spirituality an evolutionary process, because that Higher Self is seeking to come into and manifest in our consciousness, bringing more consciousness.  
All we need to do is to align ourselves to the forces of evolution.  That's all we need to do.  So join me on an incredible journey of going inside to align to that Divine Power and to bring these wonderful energies of wellness and healing into the consciousness...
©Sri Vasudeva, February 8, 2017 Healing Circle & Shiva Mahimna, Trinidad