Root Chakras

The root chakra, like all the chakras, are dimensions of reality.  The root chakra we all know very well.  We are living in now because we exist in a physical body.  This earth plane is the root dimension.  How centered are you in your body, in this moment here and now?  That is the primary quality of the root chakra.

To live only in that consciousness is to live in a fool's paradise (or hell) thinking that "I am this body", this "I" defined by cells and DNA.  On the spiritual path we are challenged to move out of this consciousness, but not completely, not to live in a cloud, but to know how to anchor ourselves on the earth plane fully engaged but not caught up in it, not swayed by it, not identified by it.

A reincarnation story

The wheel of time and space, the wheel of fortune/destiny, the wheel of life is really about reincarnation, which is about travelling between dimensions of existence staying for a time in a human body until "death" ferries us to other shores beyond.

Paramahansa Yogananda said that the soul enters into the new gross body that will be its temporary home through the medulla.  The access point for the medulla is the Talu Chakra, and the area corresponding to this is the mouth palette.  This is GV28, the point I associate with Bharani.

There is evidence for reincarnation through discoveries made in hypnosis, particularly the work of clinical hypnotherapist Michael Newton who wrote first about reincarnation stories his patients told them, then about life-between-life stories.  Life-between-life is that plane of existence known in Hinduism as Bhava, and in Tibet as Bardo.  Sri Vasudeva refers to it as a kind of airport waiting lounge. The androgenous soul about to enter a new body and the duality of male-female, right nostril-left nostril (ida and pingala) consciousness is to me represented by Ashwini, the twins.  In other mythologies this Gemini pair is represented as fornicating pigs and to me this represents the stage where the soul's new body is being conceived.  The womb has been chosen in Ashwini and is, after nine months, ready for the soul's entry into it through the dark tunnel of the mouth along the Conception Vessel and out the birth canal in Bharani nakshatra.  The next nakshatra to complete the journey into root chakra consciousness is Krittika where the mental ties to body begin to be cut.

The wheel of reincarnation story takes place through the mythologies of all the nakshatras in much the same manner as Joseph Campbell's Monomyth of the hero's journey.

The hero's journey is an allegory for the spiritual seeker - we are all spiritual seekers whether consciously or unconsciously.  And the nakshatra mythologies are sequentially placed only hinting at the stages on this journey, a journey of transformation of energy, mind, ego and consciousness until we can unveil all that we are in GV20 and go back into the night of the afterworlds until we are ready for the next incarnation.

Ashwini GV27
Bharani GV28 
Krittika GV1