Sri Vasudeva on Chakras

Sri Vasudeva of Blue Star, based in Trinidad is my primary guide and guru who has given me a foundational knowledge of what the chakras are all about, how they are like the software driving every area of life, and what happens to them in the process of spiritual development, a process that enables us to use them to full capacity (highest upgrade).  He has gone the full journey of enlightenment to liberation in consciousness, also fully integrating that experience being very grounded in this world, and he freely shares his experience to all.  What follows is my interpretation of his teachings about the chakras and how I believe they are relevant to the nakshatras.

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Our Power Body

We are born with this magnificent energy/soul body that is driven by universal life force and cosmic consciousness, that is filtered through our self-limiting individuality as we express ourselves ignorantly through the chakras, through seven major centers of light and consciousness.  The physical body is a gift of Nature.  Our soul body with the chakras begins as a tiny orb of light that slips into the physical body at birth (some say at conception) and moulds itself to fit inside perfectly like a hand in a glove, becoming more gross and elongated as it does so...and the ego becoming so attached to it forgets itself, becoming completely identified with it.  At birth, the beautiful pure white light that we are has entered the prism of our "bodies" (we have three basic bodies or energy fields - causal, astral and physical) and then separates into the rainbow colours of the chakras.  Each chakra is "docked" at a nerve plexus "station" corresponding to the physical body locations we see in the image below.

These chakras and the energy system that emanates from them have been depicted in all kinds of ways because every culture has its own way of interpreting them.  Paul Hougham's The Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit is a wonderful coffee table book that I wish one day children could have at primary school when they learn about the physical body, so they learn about their other bodies too.  It was written by an acupuncture practitioner and well researched:

When I want to know about the chakras beyond what acupuncture can tell me, I go to the enlightened beings who have experienced them in fullness on every level of being - spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, physical...  Of these Teachers some of their teachings are more useful to me than that of others because everyone's experience is unique yet the same.  And I always test what they say against what I experience in my own life and in my my own meditation - and this is what I advise to anybody else as well.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about the chakras and a lot of so-called experts and well intentioned people only add to the confusion.  I try my best not to be one of those.  I don't think that any enlightened teacher has an omnipotent vision of the whole system anyway.  That's why there are so many different philosophies and schools of yoga.  (Yoga is not just exercise class, yoga is union with that cosmic consciousness from which we originated.)

Our Chakras Help Us Drive the Physical Body

It's important to make these mystical things relevant in our daily lives, so we use the chakras consciously and are not driven by them.
As you become more aware of your soul power you will realize that there is a chakra in every area of the body that can drive the body to become fit, healthy, strong and resilient to make life’s full journey.  It is important to understand, "What are the soul powers that I carry? What are the powers that I carry in my energy body? What are the powers that I carry in my chakras that can help me to drive my body – powerfully and positively, in the human experience?"
There are chakras in the brain...that can stimulate the brain, open the awareness. There is a chakra in the throat that can bring power to speech. There is a chakra in the heart that can help you to free yourself from emotional stress and lift you into that space of emotional freedom. There is a chakra at the navel that can bring such strength to the body and such vitality that the body is always energized. There is a chakra in the sexual area that can help us to manage the sexual power and to use it appropriately. And there is a chakra at the base of the spine, in the root area, that we call the Muladhara chakra, that can help us to ground in the physical body. When these are awakened, when these are understood, when these are experienced, when these are used in the human experience, we can make this body a healthy, fit and strong body, to make this journey.
Sri Vasudeva, 2011 40 Days' Observance 

We are using them all the time but unconsciously.  One of the goals in meditation is to become more aware of them, and use them consciously.  Becoming aware of them (at a superficial level) is easier than people think. Knowledge of the chakras is embedded in our everyday language.  You don't need to take a course on the chakras or study everything about them.  Just learn how to notice how they work in you and through you.  (Eventually I hope to know all the nakshatras as the chakra points they represent for a more in-depth understanding of them.)

For example, by animating the desire to heal my body of pain and purposefully thinking of the painful part in a loving way, loving my body, I am opening my heart chakra and sharing its loving energy and using my brow chakra to focus on it.  If I hold a newborn baby to my chest that baby being so egoless and adorable (full of spiritual energy) my heart automatically opens and feels flooded with love.  Most of us know what heart chakra energy feels like.  It is warm and fussy and spreads out gently heating the body... Most of us have felt that feeling.  That is your heart chakra.

Knowing yogic techniques and having an awakened Kundalini allows me to intensify the loving and the focusing so that it's more powerful.  Engaging with Cosmic Consciousness allows me to tap into the power source of the Universe to bring even more healing power to it.  The spiritual practices are all about mastery of a process I am already doing naturally.

In this way I can use my mind (the mind carries the chakras) and Spirit (invoking a higher power) to heal my physical body from the inside.  In many cases this can be a standalone cure (if I do this early enough) or an aid to conventional interventions from the outside (doctors).   All this and more is possible in the human experience because of the chakras, my tools of power, and the divine cosmic forces (such as the planets and stars), and the Source (if I can centre and tap into the transcendental part of my being).  

The role of the acupuncture practitioner is to facilitate healing by stimulating the energy channels related to many minor chakra points associated with the physical body's nervous system on the outside using fine needles, but we can do it from the inside using the mind as well.  This is a gross oversimplification, but just to give you an idea.

The Chakras as Non-Linear Spiritual Stations of Unfoldment

When I was doing the research about nakshatras, I was astonished when I discovered that they deal with our spiritual evolutionary journey at the deepest level, that is to say some really profound spiritual teachings are embedded in them.  That's how I knew they must be related to the seven major chakras on some way.  Perhaps these long lost nakshatra teachings go back to some primordeal lunar religion.  I do believe in the idea of the yugas that just like a pendulum or a wave we swing towards the light then back into the darkness of ignorance then back to the light, then down again.   I believe in the possibility of prior civilizations with higher consciousness predating our own.  I don't know.  All I know for sure is that the mythology and deeper meaning and minor chakras associated with the nakshatras are related to spiritual development.  They speak to me at a deep level.  Their meanings validate experiences I have had in my own awakening journey.

Sri Vasudeva teaches about Kundalini awakening and our/Her spiritual journey upwards along the sushumna through the chakras as the start of the spiritual journey into transcendental consciousness. He believes, as I do, that Kundalini awakenings are responsible for all spiritual experiences.  Not everyone agrees and that's okay by me.  The awareness that comes out of that spiritual experience, and how it changes a person's behaviour, is what matters most.  It changes us or challenges us into becoming nicer people.

We need spiritual awakening on the path. We need to become awakened to that consciousness of this power inside of us that is pushing us to evolve. That Divine power with in us is called Kundalini. It is a metaphysical word. You don’t find it in the normal science or education, you find it in the mysticism. Kundalini is that power that pushes us to evolve. It is the power that would have veiled our consciousness in the first place to come into contraction, limitation, separateness. That power which has veiled us is that same power that will take us through the path of evolution. 
Sri Vasudeva, 2016 40 Days' Observation

For people who get all caught up in Kundalini/Spiritual experiences I want to emphasize again:

The awareness that comes out of that spiritual experience, and how it changes a person's behaviour, is what matters most.  It changes us or challenges us into becoming nicer people.

Experiences (kryias, initiations, or whatever) whether they happen in a benign barely-a-whisper way or in a fierce and ferocious way, are only there to purge that which blocks further progress.  Life will do it anyway, the slow way, lifetime after lifetime.  Kundalini is the fast track to inner peace.

Kundalini, in the human experience, is the True Guru within.  Kundalini is that aspect of Cosmic Energy and Wisdom (Shakti) that flips on all the chakra switches, turns everything on (even if we turn them off again She comes back and helps us when we earnestly change our mind), and when there is a blockage, She spurts out prana (life force energy) trying to fix the connection so that it will all work perfectly.  And in the end when all the little lights are working and we have reached the crowning "star" at the top, we light up like a Christmas tree...and receive all the gifts that life in the human experience has to offer:
And although we experience the body as an upright/vertical thing and the Kundalini takes us through a roller-coaster ride up up up, the chakras are non-linear stations of enfoldment.  They exist within each other, not on top of each other.  In our state of ignorance our perception is limited to the three dimensional linear world and this false phenomena of time and space, but spiritual perception reveals that we live in all the chakras simultaneously.  It is only our perception that is false.  Once that is cleared up we experience reality differently.  We experience multiple realities co-existing.  We experience the oneness of life holding together the diversity of life.  Peace, love and harmony naturally explode out of us.  

That journey of awakening is a journey of highs and lows.  A lot of practical uses come from spiritual awakening that we can use no matter what stage we are at.  Along the way there are bumps and bruises but also revelations that we get to keep into the next lifetime.  The physical body falls away, all our relationships and possessions are lost or transformed.  Only the awareness remains.  And that's what we take with us from lifetime to lifetime.  

Every horoscope shows where we left off in the journey of lifetimes.  It shows us what we have packed in our suitcase for this one.

The Chakras as Dimensions/Worlds/Realms/Lokas

You have these different points within you that are called chakras that allow you to connect to different planes in the Universe, different levels in the Universe - levels of energy. These planes of existence are called lokas.
Sri Vasudeva, 2009 40 Days' Observance 

The deeper we go into the experience of our own chakras, the deeper Kundalini takes us into our own unique self-revelation awareness.  The deeper we go into the consciousness of the chakra, the more evidence of multiple realities begin to spring up into our awareness.  Each reality is associated with one chakra or another. As spiritual beings we have the ability to exist in several of them simultaneously. 

(Truth, to me, the more I explore it feels more like a science fiction movie than a parable from scripture.  Maybe the rishis of today need to make movies...virtual reality movies.)

The fact that you already know that there is a difference between waking life and dreaming in sleep tells you there are different realities or dimensions of existence.  Shamanism is probably the oldest practice on Earth and is an art to consciously visiting these realms.  The yogis called them lokas.  Every chakra is a loka.  There are heavenly lokas (more spiritual) and there are hellish lokas (more materialistic).  We exist in several of them at the same time.  We choose what we treasure, what is important to us.  We prioritize our chakras.  God does not.  Prash Trivedi, author of The Book of Nakshatras: A Comprehensive Treatise on the 27 Constellations, speaks of the multiverse that we live in.  Every chakra is a dimension


My point with this post is to give my spin on the chakras, and to emphasize that the chakras are like the houses in astrology in the sense that they deal with every aspect of life in the human experience from every level - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual.  

They are not just points of energy, meaningless and irrelevant to mundane life.  They are our tools of power and our tools of awareness, that which drives mundane life.

In tantric philosophy the universe is made of Consciousness that is not moving and Consciousness that is moving.  This is Shiva (Consciousness) and Shakti (Energy) as two aspects of one principle.

The androgenous male-female "God" is our own divine nature - as in the cosmos so within.  Sri Vasudeva teaches that we live in a holographic universe, so each chakra is also its own Shiva-Shakti - a point of consciousness/awareness and a point of energy.  That's why Hinduism has so many gods and goddesses.

Entering into the consciousness (god) of each chakra one experiences its power (goddess) and can then express it purposefully.  In the process of ascension to higher/expanded states of awareness, we enter the power experience first then the consciousness emerges as a result.  We enter into Shiva through Shakti.  We traverse through Mind into Transcendence of Mind.  Hence the chakras are stages of awareness that we journey into and emerge out of as we go deeper within.

Kundalini takes us into each chakra, and because it is experienced as a journey, we experience the chakras as dimensions, lokas, spaces of awareness and energy that are "different" to what we are used to.  Arriving at a destination is experienced as being in a new "space" and it takes "time" to get there. That's what the planets and stars measure - "space" and "time".   The Enlightened ones think it is all a big joke.  We are already "there".  There is no past, present, future.  There is only the Here and the Now.  Arriving at moksha, or whatever stage of enlightenment you are at, is really arriving at a new awareness of being, and with that new awareness comes the power to manifest it, to mould it into different things, people, experiences...siddhis, our co-creative power...but that is another story.

And that my dear friends is my one page synopsis on the chakras.

Namaskar ("I bow to the Divine in you")

p.s. If you liked my interpretation of Sri Vasudeva's teachings and are curious about my own spiritual practice you can follow my forum posts here.

p.p.s.  Sri Vasudeva, at this writing, has not taught about the minor chakras.  There are various systems of thought regarding these and quite a lot of confusion about them.  I have located only a few in my own meditation practice.  All of them are connected to the seven major ones.  Here is a link that introduces them (link).  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these online sources.  Sri Vasudeva has warned us to be careful when reading about the chakras as many of these things are based on research not direct personal experience.  There are also minor disagreements between enlightened Gurus as to their placements in the body.  Also each philosophical school within a culture has disagreements.  To view a chakra clairvoyantly does not constitute understanding of it.  To understand something we need to be immersed in its consciousness.  I believe that the nakshatras reflect this type of understanding, which is why I am so amazed by the implications of this.  These understandings come from awareness of over 5,000 years ago, at a time before Kali Yuga, when human beings were much more aware of their soul powers.  This is the context in which I study them.