The Brilliance of the Ancient World

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5,000 Years Ago - The Indus Civilization

This documentary reveals how important water was to the ancient Harappans.  Soma is also a form of water.  They distinguished between water from flooding, water from the sky, and water from beneath the earth.  This Bronze Age civilization showed sophistication in their construction of cities and artwork that have been found so far.

In particular the famous Indus Valley seals depict, amongst other things, characters from the Rig Veda:

In an interesting book,  The Indus Script and the Ṛg-Veda by Egbert Richter-Ushanas - the author links images from the seals to the Nakshatras.  For example he writes that Magha was originally called Agha relating to a time when the bulls were killed (because the stem gha of root han means "to kill") as a wedding feast sacrifice in preparation for the wedding feast during the lunar month of Phalguni, which is Vaishakha (April-May).

Below is one of the seals believed to be an early form of Shiva-Rudra:
"Paśupati "Lord of all animals" was originally an epithet of Rudra in the Vedic period" (Wikipedia)
Since yoga was practiced during this time, the sacred mystical knowledge would also have been known.

These seals were merchant's tags on their merchandise and as such would have born the name of the merchant.  There is a theory, based on an old tradition of being named after the stars you were born under, that the merchant names on these seals are names of constellations.  (See this TED Talk for the full explanation.)

Technologies of ancient India

Khurshed Batliwala presents fascinating evidence on how scientific genuius is a outgrowth of advanced meditation "In ancient India scientists were saints":

Technologies of ancient Chinese

Aweinspiring Machines - Technology Of Ancient China Documentary - Geographic History

Ancient Babylon

Base 60 (why our circle is 360°) used to measure time and space is now found to be superior than our current base 10 mathematical system.

Ancient computer of Greece

The Antikythera Mechanism recorded and predicted celestial events based on astronomy: