Mystical Sciences of Life

Mysticism is a true science

"The conception of man's physical, astral, and ideational bodies can be more easily understood by the following explanation.  God dreamed the entire creation in terms of ideas.  Then He said:  'Let there be light; and there was light.'  He vibrated those ideas into dream lights and out of them creative a dream astral cosmos.  Then he condensed the dream astral cosmos into a dream physical universe.  After the macrocosmic universes were created, God made the microcosmic objects of creation.  He created man as a composite of three dreams:  a dream ideational body encased in a dream astral body within a dream physical body."
Paramahansa Yogananda, God Talks with Arjuna:  The Bhagavad Gita, 1995 (2001 edition), p.597 
Lahiri Mahasaya's drawing of our energy anatomy (from Paramahansa Yogananda's book - see Biliography)

"The relation of the stars to the human body and mind is very subtle.  The astral forces radiating to the earth from the heavens interact with those in the spinal centers that sustain man's body. . . .if body and mind have been weakened by wrong eating, wrong thinking, bad character, and bad company, then the stellar rays have the power to activate latent harmful effects of past karma."
Paramahansa Yogananda, God Talks with Arjuna:  The Bhagavad Gita, 1995 (2001 edition), p.354 

I am no theologian, although I did study the history of the Bible as mythos "story" from a famous literary critic Northrope Frye, who taught me to read scripture from the point of view of literary criticism (another science) because this intellectual lens helps decode its hidden meanings (from an literary critics' point of view).  Northrope Frye, although he was a United Church minister, when he published the book of his life's passion:  The Great Code: The Bible and Literature - was not knowledgeable about or interested in sharing any mystical decoding.  And to me because of that he missed the whole point of the Bible.  Without knowing its mystical underpinnings you only scratch the surface.

I was not raised in a religious family but had a lot of religious experiences and longings that no one around me could explain.  I begged to go to Sunday School but it turned out to be the TV series Star Trek that was the most helpful at the time - because Catholicism was not ready to share its mystical roots at that time and place.  It took years before I could figure out what all of that was about, thanks to the guidance of my own spiritual Teacher, Sri Vasudeva, who took me deeper into myself both intellectually and spiritually.  I am grateful for this karma because I think religion would not have allowed me the insights I gained by being an outsider.  When St. Teresa of Ávila shared her mystical experiences in her very insightful book The Interior Castle (quite radical for 1577), she would not have had the benefit of a a mystical science to help her map out her experience, in a supportive way, as she was often ridiculed by her peers before her advanced state was recognized.  She approached in a pure way, and sometimes doing that, like a complete reboot, helps to clear away the baggage of other people's opinions and approach something in a fresh new way.  This too is my approach.  To some it may sound irreverent but it is not meant to be.

What is this word spiritual?  

My understanding of this word continues to evolve.  I no longer confuse the practices used to help become more spiritual with the actual expression of being spiritual.  To become a better person is to spiritualize yourself.  To love another as you love yourself, one of Jesus' commandments is an expression of the enlightened view.   To be wiser, to know yourself as Self is spiritual.   To be centered in the Divine, in alignment with the Divine, expressing the will of the Divine is spiritual.  To feel that connection with all of Life, is spiritual.  It's all one, my true "I" is all of this - the cosmos in me.  It is enlightenment that makes us spiritual.

Enlightenment is a gradual process.  We can experience many stages of enlightenment.  It's a lot like giving birth, two steps forward, one step back because life/karma pulls us back into the sleep-walking that is ordinary consciousness.  If a spiritual experience is showing you where you are blocked physically, it is showing you where you are blocked mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  The outer is a reflection of the inner.

And when you know how to use the wish fulfilling tree to co-create the life you want, you will recognize that your inner world is the blueprint of your outer world.  And when you become more enlightened you realize that there is no inner-outer, it is all Maya (illusion).  But I know all this is just words until you glimpse it as a possibility.   Thank you Sri Vasudeva for showing me all these things.

How I approach this research

As I have tried to explain above, the way I approach this research is from an intuitive knowing that Truth begins with personal experience.  Enlightened beings don't (usually/ever) create religions.  They are here to share their own experience of expansive being as best they can under the karmic circumstances in which they are placed.  There are great teachers and then there are Masters, who are like Teachers of teachers.  We are all always evolving.  God favours no one.

Religions come afterwards, after the teacher has left, leaving their students scrambling and squabbling to interpret what they themselves don't know in fullness.  (Unfortunately this happens a lot even while the teacher is alive.)  After Jesus died, as scholars agree, there were some 500 "gospels" circulating around and a committee had to eventually decide which ones were going to become the canon of the Catholic Bible.  So it is all about interpretation, and maybe politics too.

Enlightened beings also generally don't create practical applications such as healing arts like Ayurveda or Acupuncture and predictive arts like Astrology or Tarot, these too come afterwards, much later, as derivatives based on interpretations of interpretations of interpretations of translations of translations of translations of the teachings.   There can be exceptions but this is what I have observed.  I think the modern day Gurus are being forced to create practical applications themselves because the world today is in such an ignorant state of darkness.  Even the enlightened ones have to role up their sleeves and multitask.  No more sitting in a cave waiting for followers to come to you.

Truth is a tree with many offshoots

Historically the trajectory of information about the Truth - and I mean the truth of our existence as spiritual beings in a human experience, seems to go something like this:

Spiritual Experiences ➝ Mysticism/Scripture ➝ Astrology/Religion/Mythology ➝ Healing/Predictive Arts

...but in reality it can be a mixture of all three.  Ordinary people can have extraordinary spiritual experiences and raise the benchmark for an authentic system of mysticism or for whatever practical application they are advocating.

If you google "astrological Christmas story" you will find on YouTube all kinds of explanations of religions' connection to astrology.  It seems to me that whenever a religion is missing something that helps it to interpret the teachings of an enlightened master, it refers to a much more ancient template that existed before recorded time connected to astrology and acupuncture.  I don't believe in conspiracy theories.  I believe in sincere people trying their best to understand things that are beyond their personal experience.  Whatever else happens is jihad and that's political not even religious. (Today the moral compass of our world is broken.)

With mainstream science, the more awakened scientists are forced to deny the evidence of their inner world (unless they are brave enough to face ridicule) so it remains stuck in the intellectual realm and that's the status quo today.  Putting aside the impact of consumerism on science, Deepak Chopra hit the nail on the head when he wrote his book, War of the Worldviews, that it's about philosophy. Notice how on the cover of the book, mainstream science is on the dark half (haha).

When the majority of us start having spiritual experiences the tide will turn more towards reviving the spiritual sciences, and pushing away the misinformation and getting to the Truth that is our birthright.  For now, saying "the brain is not the mind" is a radial statement to many.  When you have experienced premonitions, telepathy, getting information from "dead" beings, knowing things about the past you couldn't have known and can't be explained by epigenetics; when you have touched a space of love so powerful it breaks you open into a thousand pieces, when you have felt your inner Guide (Kundalini) moving inside of you, bringing you miracles, transforming everything, becoming your wish-fulfilling tree...when you have known any of that and more, your worldview must change. You are not schizophrenic (unless you lose your groundedness).  You are awakening.

The proverbial colonial racist agenda

"A revolutionary study by the classical philologist and art historian Thomas McEvilley is about to challenge much of academia. In THE SHAPE OF ANCIENT THOUGHT, an empirical study of the roots of Western culture, the author argues that Eastern and Western civilizations have not always had separate, autonomous metaphysical schemes, but have mutually influenced each other over a long period of time."
(see video below) 

Based on thirty-five years of research, Thomas McEvilley shows archeological evidence of how at one time mystical knowledge was shared and other times repressed by invading cultures in this video highlighting his findings.

The story of the Antikythera mechanism, "a 2,000 year old computer", clearly demonstrates the confluence of Greek, Chinese and other cultures whose shared astronomical knowledge found a practical application through the genius of Archimedes who would have created the prototype, that would later on become the simpler yet ingenius astrolab created by Arabs.  Here is the full story:

And here is working demonstration model based on that:

Cataloguing the Mystical Sciences

This is my beginning point, knowing which systems of Truth have mapped out my inner world and its connection to the cosmos that I can use in a practical way for the purposes of this research.  I welcome suggestions to perfect this list and I have to add that I can't do this alone.  I am hoping for people to contribute to the knowledge.

I am adamant that the science comes from an authentic tradition however, based on the teachings of an Enlightened Master.  We all have spiritual experiences we want to share, and I always start with my own, but I like to use sources that I feel come from authentic spiritual practice and legitimate masters from a lineage.

See Energy Anatomy Maps (link).

Mystical Sciences from India

Teachers: ...Sri Vasudeva
Science: Maha/Siddha Yoga

Teachers: Babaji Lahiri Mahasaya Shriyukteshwar
Science: Laya Yoga

Teachers: ...Paramahansa Yogananda
Science: Kryia Yoga

Science: Tantra Yoga

Practical applications: Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology

Mystical Sciences from China

Teacher: Lao Tsu
Science: Confusionism
Practical applications:  I Ching

Teacher: ...Mantak Chia
Science:  Taoist neidan

link for large clear poster

Practical applications:  Acupuncture

Mystical sciences from Mayan Mesoamerica

Popul Vuh

In this video about Kundalini evolution and the evolution of life on Earth, Carl Johan Calleman explains how the Kali Yuga beginning 3,102 B.C. has its counterpart in the Mayan Sixth Wave beginning 3,115 B.C.:

[to be continued]