Reincarnation and The Monomyth

Purpose of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a given in the study of astrology.  There is compelling evidence for it in hypnosis too, but we who believe in astrology don't need to question that.  I believe that on some level we are aware of our past lives, the karmas we came to fulfill in this one, and that we all have an inkling (a gut feeling, an intuitive sense) of what's to come - the life we are creating for ourselves in the future (our future rasi chart).  There is a wise Guru within all of us, directing us inward.  In yoga ("union") Her name is Kundalini.

"Om Guru" "I am Guru"  "I am Kundalini/Shakti".
.. whispers the Moon-Mother-Mind within...

What better metaphor for the cycles of reincarnation than the dance of sun and moon in the sky, in particular the phases of the moon from darkness to full brilliance to darkness again in its waxing and waning.  Like our caveman ancestors, we don't need mathematics to understand this.  The Moon is also about the imagination, seeing things, visualizing things, creating stories...

What better metaphor for the soul's journey through the darkness of ignorance and into the light of Truth than the Moon journey across the sky...phasing in, phasing out...

"I want you to remember that you are already on a spiritual journey, whether you know it or not. It is better to be on the journey consciously. We are all seekers, even those who are caught up in the worldly pleasures and pursuits. They too are seekers; seekers after happiness, freedom, love, joy, just seeking in the wrong places. They will not find it there. They will find pleasure but not happiness. Together with pleasure, they will find pain. 
We are already on the journey; we need to make that journey consciously. We need to become aware of this evolutionary power that is already working within us that is called Kundalini. We need to observe when spiritual awakening happens on our journey. We need to be able to see the signs of spiritual awakening and we need to know how to follow through with that; how to engage in the proper sadhana or spiritual practice that this journey will continue without many challenges."
Sri Vasudeva, 2016 40 Days' Observance Retreat 
As Sri Vasudeva has said, this longing to remember is what mind is seeking.  This is the moon path across the 28 days of the 13-month lunar year.  And a study of the 28 nakshatras, as "eyes to the Vedas" reveals their message of spiritual evolution.  One has a sense of it in the mythology related to the nakshatras.  Usually Revati is seen as the most enlightened nakshatra, but in this system, it is Abhijit - the ancient pole star.

The Hero's Journey

There is high-brow knowledge exclusive to priests and there is knowledge that is accessible to the lay-folk, the masses.  First an enlightened being incarnates and spreads their message to the few blessed ones who are privileged to hear it first hand.  Then an elite group turn it into a religion.  The rest of us turn it into folklore.  Only by personal spiritual development with the third eye turned inward can the deepest secrets of being be revealed to anybody.

We are all heros on a journey...

Joseph Campbell studied a wide array of mythologies, stories, folktales and fairytales from around the world.  He noticed how they formed a pattern of recurring story lines.  It is said by folklorists that there are only forty stories in the world, that everything is a re-storying of these.  Joseph Campbell came up with the idea of a blueprint or template for key elements in a story (any story) that he called the monomyth.  There are a few variations of it, but here is a basic version:

This is like the linguistics of all mythologies, the template of story.  It must have universal appeal on a deep level...

The hero's journey has also been reinterpreted, together with Hermetic Kabbalism, and incorporated into the story of the major arcana in Tarot.  These archetypes speak to evolutionary processes that are deep and pervasive within us.

Transposing the Monomyth onto the Cosmological Circle

If we now transpose the idea of a reincarnation storyline onto the cosmological circle (the reincarnation story of the cosmos or yuga cycle on a sacred geometric template), it helps to explain more about the meanings of the nakshatras.

This took me a long time to understand because I was really combining three different things:  the acupuncture points related to minor chakras of the GV meridian, the monomyth archtypal storyline related to reincarnation, and the cosmological circle related to the placement of the 28 points alone the sidereal circle.  One needs to learn to think multi-dimensionally.

If we look at a few examples, it starts to make sense.

All twenty GV points from GV1(Krittika) to GV20(Abhijit) follow along the ascension path of Kundalini up the sushumna nadi.  (If you include the padas, the are like prayer beads in a mala.) 

The enlightened ones tell us that life's journey is really an inner journey.  Whether we are manifesting in human bodies or somewhere in the afterlife worlds, we keep on journeying, growing, burning, learning.  This is a journey of awakening.  When we are in a human body we are in "earth school" (as Caroline Myss calls it) the root chakra dimension, undergoing an alchemical voyage of the soul in a lifetime.  

Life Between Life (LBL)

For me, the GV points 21(Shravana) to 28(Bharani) are really involved in an afterlife or life-between-life stage.  Hypnosis and NDE (Near Death Experience) research, like Joseph Campbell's research into mythology, also reveals archetypal processes and images related to experiences of the afterlife (underworld of the Maya).  

Long before hypnotism there was shamanism.  People did experience altered states of consciousness and did visit actual realms associated with the afterlife.  I have experience with mediumship, near death experience, and prophecy myself so I know these exist.  We are immortal souls.  We can access these universes in meditation.  We often do so without even realizing it.  Whether you are dreaming of another world or are actually visiting another dimension is irrelevant - they are the same worlds.   Even staring out the window lost in thought is a kind of trance - the same kind as in level one hypnosis.  Maya (illusion that we are forms) is maya.

Stories of the afterlife include seeing our lives flash before our eyes, self-judgement, guides bringing us to safety and a place of loving light (or sometimes a kind of self-created "hell").  People have had visions of playing and learning in these after/under worlds, visiting the space of the akasha with its records of past lives.  We meet with not only our ancestors and guides but also more evolved beings, that some call the council of elders.  Every culture has its own interpretation of these things.  There is a monomyth template for these experiences too.  The Tibetans and Egyptians both wrote detailed books of the dead, outlining their interpretation of these afterlife/interlife realms, stages and associated experiences.

GV24 PurvaBhadrapada and GV25 UttaraBhadrapada form two legs of a funeral cot.  They are all about this dimension of the afterlife situated, as they are, in the life-between-life / underworld quadrant of the cosmological circle.  The ones proceeding them, GV21(Shravana), GV22(Dhanista) and GV23(Satabhisha) are more benign, more like the loving guidance stages of the afterlife.  They are associated with more advanced states of consciousness.

Keep in mind that the chakras are also lokas (dimensions) so we are co-existing in them in every moment.  This business of time and space is something our intellect needs to deal with whilst in the human experience.  

The "storyline" of the nakshatras can be read in descending order, starting with GV20 Abhijit, which is enlightenment - the highest point of the sushumna, the God-space for the mind.  After Abhijit, we descend through these stations or stages along these underworld nakshatras before reincarnating into a new body following the trajectory of GV28 Bharani down into the Conception Vessel that is our new baby-body in our mother's womb.  Bharani literally connects us from the psychic domain of the interworld through the "tunnel" of the mouth into our new mother's womb and out through another "tunnel" of the birth canal where we end up at the anterior end of the perineum, and root chakra.   GV1 Krittika, at the posterior end of the perineum or root chakra, is the first original nakshatra on the ascension path (of Kundalini) up the spine when we are ready to climb that ascension ladder again.

I don't know if is this is clear to everybody.  I have studied mythologies in university and had the help of brilliant minds like Norththrope Frye who decoded the archetypal mythic structure of the Bible in his lifelong study The Great Code.  He saw it as a kind of sine wave down into the wilderness and up again towards the promised land.  Seen three dimensionally, these would appear as a spiral moving upward.  That's how energy moves.  And She goes faster and faster as She takes us to the top, into a kind of vortex experience, until there is no more sensation of time.  Time just stops and we are else-where, or as the acharya Ram Dass has said (or was it Wayne Dyer?) we are nowhere:  NOW-HERE.

That great code that is within us is the place to start to understand all of it - everything.  That is the code of the chakras.  It's what we all carry, same as our body cells with their own karma, same as all things in the Universe.  If you know who you truly are, you will understand every other template that comes along.