"Were the predictions about December 21, 2012 flawed?" by Carl Johan Calleman

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Chakras In The Sky deeply appreciates this contribution by distinguished author and researcher Dr. Carl Johan Calleman.

January 17, 2017

Hello Yvonne,
Thank you for what you are doing. I did lead a seminar on the relationship between the Yuga system and the Mayan calendar that is available from the web site of AncientOrigins.net [see below].  This is an article [see below] that I was inspired to write for your web site, which maybe I will post in some other places as well. 
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p.s. I think when understanding the Yugas it is important to make a distinction between the ancient system with a starting point in 3102 BC and the modern system of Sri Yukteswar. 

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WEBINAR DESCRIPTION:  "From ancient times we know of two calendrical systems that have been claimed to be able to predict the rise and fall of civilizations. One is from the West, the Mayan calendar system and another from the East, the Yuga system of India. The two systems are not identical but have significant points in common to the point where it must be asked whether they originally aimed to describe the same reality. This exclusive Ancient Origins Premium webinar with guest author Dr Carl Johan Calleman presents a background to the two systems, and establishes to what extent they actually describe the beginning and evolution of human civilization. Especially at our current time of a potential great shift in human civilization, knowledge about the factors governing the rise and fall of civilization may provide knowledge of critical importance for ourselves. Welcome to a discussion about the two most significant ancient systems aiming to describe this."

Were the predictions about December 21, 2012 flawed? 

by Carl Johan Calleman

Five years ago the Mayan calendar attracted a lot of attention from people all over the world especially as it was presented by a number of its leading proponents that a major transformation was supposed to happen on the date December 21, 2012. Jose Argüelles for instance said of this date: 
Then it shall be ready. The unique moment, the moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam will arrive– that closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evolutionary interim called Homo sapiens. Amidst festive preparation and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the great electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, Earth will be ready for the emergence into inter-planetary civilization. Then, as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity. The Earth itself will be illumined.” 
Similarly, Geoff Stray, author of several books based on the end date of December 21, 2012 and a main supporter of John Major Jenkins idea of a “Galactic Alignment” on this date (which notably lacked any support in any Mayan texts) argued that this would trigger a burst of dimethyl-tryptamine that would lead to large scale collective enlightenment. To this should be added a large number of less serious people making false prophecies about a purported end of the world on this particular date. 

In contrast to most other Maya experts active at that time, I argued that nothing would happen on the December 21, 2012 date, if nothing else because it was a miscalculation and did not have the 13 Ahau quality of a significant shift date. It is thus high time to ask the question: “Did the predicted things really happen?”especially since the world in the era of Trumputinism seems to be going in quite a different direction.

Most people would probably indeed say that nothing like what had been prophesied happened on December 21, 2012 and the result of the failure of these predictions has been that overall, the Mayan calendar has been discredited on a very large scale. Yet, of course, people and also real or self-proclaimed calendar experts do make mistakes and to do so is human. I and many other people are probably willing to accept mistakes if it they are dealt with integrity. Integrity in this case means to recognize that a mistake has been made, take responsibility for it and in the best of cases make an explanation to why the mistake was made and self-correct. Unless this is done it will obviously be the perception people have of the Mayan calendar that will be distorted and I should add, it is probably in the interest of strong forces working against a more egalitarian world that people do not understand the truth of the Mayan calendar. 

Argüelles obviously cannot self-correct as he passed away in 2011, but many of his followers still continue to promote his calendar even though the main prophecy it was built on has been shown to be flawed. Yet, many of the other persons advocating that there would be a sudden change on December 21, 2012 could still admit that their predictions had been incorrect so that a deepened understanding of the Mayan calendar could emerge. 

I should here admit that I also made some exaggerated claims regarding what would happen in 2011. The difference is however that I have taken responsibility for them in a couple of articles and presented a corrected view of the Mayan calendar in The Nine Waves of Creation. The concepts of nine waves in the quantum field still hold true and are supported by massive evidence and also predictions I have made, but what has come out of correcting my previous view is an understanding of how these waves are changing the future beyond the shift on October 28, 2011. I believe this is how science, and more broadly human understanding, must move forward.

Carl Johan Calleman
January 17, 2017

Dr Carl Johan Calleman is the author of five books based on the Mayan calendar that have been translated to fifteen languages and he is known as the main proponent of the idea that the Mayan calendar reflects the evolution of consciousness. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm. He has also lectured about the Mayan Calendar in more than twenty countries.  [link to Dr. Calleman's website]

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