Special spiritual numbers

Although I already made a post about special numbers here (link), I'd like to dedicate this page to a set of numbers that keep cropping up.

Numbers and numerology work with uncanny precision.  Every vibration can be reduced to a number.   Time can be measured by number.  The number of petals on a chakra refer to the nadis associated with it.  When there is a medium for energy to travel through, it creates a wave with a certain length and width.  This is basic science:


These waves create sound, light (colour).  When we think a thought, speak a word, do any kind of action that too creates a wave in the subtle space.  Sri Vasudeva teaches that we are transmitters and receivers of energy.  Our bodies are hardwired for this.  The chakras are centers that transmit and receive.  Energy travels through prana, in various forms.

In the Tantric philosophy everything is built out of information (consciousness).  Energy is consciousness as a wave, a thought in motion, an intention expressing itself.  Consciousness is energy in potentiality.  Consciousness in Vedic thinking is the deity and energy the result deity creating waves, expressing, in motion.  This is the mystical truth behind all deities and the primordeal ones:  Siva and Sakti.

Our astrology chart is the consciousness or "chakra" that has been produced by the waves we created in past life.  This consciousness gets animated through our experience of time and space.

Every wave, like the wave on a lake, produces ripples.  But our universe is holographic, so it is layers of complexity that began with a single wave.

Let's hold that thought for a moment...

Special spiritual numbers

In the Mayan day keeping system of astrology, the date of birth corresponds to the interconnection of three waves:  the 13 day tonalli interconnecting with the 20 daysigns of the 260 day sacred calendar and the long count calendar of 9 night lords.

Carl Johan Calleman focused on the interrelationship of these numbers in his study of the pyramid El Castillo to decode the Mayan calendar as a map to consciousness transformation.  I have posted about this elsewhere (and you can also read his books).

The number 4 comes up as an expression of 5 classical elements and, in Mantak Chia's explanation of Taoism, five parts of the brain.  This is expressed as four-around-one.  We see this on the Cosmological Circle.  When I look for an origin of this idea of four-around-one I find it intuitively in the muladhara chakra with its four petals representing four vittris (mental waves), four goals of life, four Cardinal Directions (same as in Chinese astrology) connecting the muladhara with the brain.  The fifth and central one is the sushumna nadi in the middle.  From this derives all the other systems.

The 27-nakshatra system expresses the special relationship between 13:20 in the division of the twelve rashis - each being 13°20'.  Each nakshatra is ruled by one of 9 planets, who are mahadasha rulers.  And the 4 padas of each nakshatra are found in the D9 navamsa chart (btw 9x4=13).   The same numbers are given the same importance although the models are different.

According to Buddhism and Mantak Chia's Big Dipper Taoism, 9 represents stages of consciousness.  The Big Dipper, the stars of which are the 7 rishis in the Vedic tradition, point to the two pole stars Vega (Abhijit) and Polaris, that alternate in their role as druva (pole star) during the length of precession.  The entire zodiac moves 1 degree every 72 years.  The astral body in the human experience is said to be composed of 72,000 nadis.

The chakra system explains how numerology/astrology works

Every time I look at these things, I go back to the chakras.  The chakras are the origin of everything to do with the astral body.  Even the word "astral" has to do with stars.  It seems they have always been connected.  It is as though the Divine has projected onto the sky a holographic display of our subtle anatomy.  Think about it!

The number 13 is the number of full moons in a year.  In the microcosm of our astral body, it is the wave-like movements of the Kundalini travelling up the spine through 7 chakras.  I believe that the ida and pingala nadis are involved as well as the sushumna nadi until they converge at the brow chakra.  Kundalini moves clockwise in me in an upwards spiral unless She is focusing on one chakra.  So each of the six chakras from root to crown have an ida and pingala orientation from within the sushumna, a light and a dark, a yin and and a yang.  The last movement goes straight up (no wavering) to Brahmarandhra chakra (the pole star chakra) and ultimately into the crown chakra.  So that is the 13th step, the most sacred one because it is final.  The 12 zodiac signs are an expression of Kundalini spiraling through the 6 main chakras.  These are the ones where the karmic work has to be done and the focus of astrology.  The final one is attained only by grace when we are deserving.  This is why the horoscope is divided into twelve and not thirteen parts.

I am also intrigued that the heart chakra anahata has 12 petals.  The 12 Adityas must be associated with this.  The heart chakra is also a kind of solar plexus in the sense of second dantien, second granthis - the Vishnu knot.  The sun in the sky is what sustains us.  Love in the heart chakra is what sustains all of life - it is the highest expression of energy and consciousness in the human experience.  It is the ONLY attachment that avataurs have in order for them to return to embodiment with astral and physical bodies - an attachment called "the golden chain".  This is as Sri Vasudeva has taught me.  Compassion is why they are here - and for no other reason.  I am talking about the true gurus, the Satgurus, those who are anchored in crown consciousness, who have completed the full journey.  In the star map of our inner world, the zodiac of 12 signs may have also originated with the 12-rayed sun god of older religions and derived from the solar calendar of 12 months - but I think the 12-petalled lotus of anahata chakra is the true originating template.  First the inside, then the outside.

The number 20 is sacred to the Mayans, according to indigenous elders, because we are born with twenty toes and fingers.  This was not a satisfying answer for me until I realized that the Taoist neidan practices were designed to master the identification, transformation, and harnessing of life force energy in the body - connecting it with the Source (the energy that powers up the entire universe) through the crown chakra / Big Dipper and then sending it out through the hands and feet.  The anahata chakra is connected to the hands, and devotees worship the feet of the Guru.  The master can transmit his energy through touch this way, but a master of life force doesn't even need to touch you.  Qigong masters have been known to knock people down from a distance.  Projecting energy is a skill that can be learned.  It is also one of the gifts that come with enlightenment.

Another things about the number 20 is that the dumai meridian has the 20 GV points from coccxy to baihui point.  These correspond to Kundalini's path from root to crown - so this number marks the ascension path in the astral body.

All the numerology makes sense to me only when I can see them related to the chakra system in the astral body.  The chakras are responsible for every area of life in the human experience.  Sanskrit is the "Devanagiri" which means "language of the gods".  It means it is a sound-vibration system that awakens different kinds of information-consciousness.  As I wrote above deity means consciousness and the goddess/shakti of the deity means energy or wave of that consciousness.  Every letter in Sanskrit corresponds to a petal on each of the major chakras.  Each chakra is a consciousness.  Each has a unique set of functions and the energy to carry them out.  All the chakras connect to the seven major ones.  They form the core system.

This is why mantras, not only pronounced correctly but done with an open heart chakra and brow chakra and connected to the crown chakra - produce fantastic magical results.  Sound is an integral part of the system - but any wave-producing current of prana is as well.  Sri Vasudeva explains this in his lectures on shaktipat - the transmission process.

Time is also a wave.  (Sri Vasudeva says "time is a measurement of change".)  This is how I make sense of astrology, why it works.  Anything that causes my chakras and nadis to vibrate is going to impact me in a huge way.  Whatever else the planets and stars are, they are connected to my mind in the most intimate way.  Better that I get to know them better!

Whether people discovered this through shamanism, or some other vision questing technique - or simply by observing the holograph of Maya (the great illusion) in "ordinary" life, the principle of repeating numbers would have become clear.

Numbers are a language unto themselves.  When we know our own chakra system, and especially when we are sensitive to energy and have an awakened Kundalini, we can work with the repeating patterns that influence us at a core level.

Mysticism may be mysterious because our energy anatomy is invisible unless our third eye is awakened, but we can see the objective reality before us as a mirror or hologram of those same internal and eternal truths.  This is why, I believe, astrology works.  It has nothing to do with planetary "gravity".

Number 20 and sahasrara

In the book on Laya Yoga in my bibliography it mentions that the 1,000 petals of sahasrara are arranged in 20 layers of 50 letters/sounds (matrika) each.

In acupuncture there are 12 main meridians and 8 psychic "extraordinary" meridians (of which one is the GV).  Together these add up to 20.

The meridians are the nadis.  Every chakra petal is linked to a nadi and that link is a vibration of sound.  The indigenous Maya believe that there are 20 day signs because we have 20 digits (toes and fingers).  According to acupuncture all the meridians/nadis end up at the digits so this makes sense.

I think this energy pathway of 20x is a clue as to the deeper meaning of the sacred number 20.

28 nakshatras - a special relationship with the 7 chakras

I found this on Wikipedia:
Triangular number (link)
Note that the 28 units have 7 on all three sides.  It has many special relationships to the number 7 (see link).