Energy anatomy maps

Here is a collection of old energy anatomy maps:


Nadis and chakras:
If anyone knows the source of this or can translate this for me, please let me know.


內丹術 neidan "inner alchemy" is taught by various Taoist schools and recognizes three types of subtle life force energy from gross to mental to spiritual (jing, chi, shen).

See (1) for a basic explanation of the following, based on Chinese enlightenment teachings:

內經圖 Neijing Tu:  see (2) - maps the inner anatomy.  This is the one Mantak Chia refers to quite often.
Inner Path diagram
Inner Path energy transformation practices explained through animation (no language necessary)!

修真圖 Xiuzhen tu:  see (3)

Cultivation of perfection diagram
In a critique of the "Cultivation of Perfection" diagram it is also described as "The ancient Chinese medicine diagram in which the pulmonary lobes were compared to the twenty-eight constellations (二十八宿) is also adopted in this diagram," (link).  Apparently, there are mistakes in it.

The 修身Xiuzhen "cultivate oneself" is composed of 修 "xiu/hsiu" (sounds to me like the Chinese lunar constellations however the character for that xiu "lodge/mansion" is 宿) and 身 "zhen/shen" (the most spiritualized form of energy, in its most purified form) - coincidence or true meaning?  Wikipedia says:

The title Xiuzhen tu combines three Chinese words:
xiu 修 "embellish, decorate; repair, overhaul; study, cultivate; build, construct; trim, prune; write, compile"
zhen 真 "true; real; genuine" or (Daoist) "original, unspoiled character of a person; ultimate reality; a xian transcendent".
tu 圖 "picture; drawing; chart; map; plan"
The Xiuzhen Tu resembles the better-known Neijing Tu 內經圖 "Inner Pathways Diagram". Both these anatomical charts with Daoist Neidan symbolism derive from the earliest diagrams attributed to Yanluozi 煙蘿子 (fl. 10th century) and conserved in the 1250 CE Xiuzhen shishu 修真十書 "Cultivating Perfection Ten Books" (Kohn 2000:521).

Contrasted with the Neijing tu, the Xiuzhen tu pictures the meditator's body in a front view rather than side, and includes a longer textual portion, which describes Neidan practices, lunar phases, and Leifa 雷法 "Thunder Rites" associated with the Zhengyi Dao movement of the Tianshi Dao "Way of Celestial Masters". 

In the diagram below (I don't speak Chinese so I'm not sure what this is, I only googled 修身Xiuzhen images) - note the figure on the very top of the lower half of the human torso stylized to look like an ancient cauldron - that is a Taoist metaphor for the alchemical "burning" of life force energies to purify and refine them (this is what Kundalini does and we help Her when we do the spiritual practices/sadhanna to promote this):
In these diagrams we see how the lunar phases (associated with the lunar constellations) are associated with the alchemical processes involved in consciousness transformation.

One may also look into the Bagua Luopan (see link) for ways the lunar constellations and cosmology have been incorporated into Feng Shui and divination practices.  For me, the illuminated teachings are from these energy anatomy maps that are focused on consciousness transformation.  There must be more than this - going back to the origins of I Ching and before but this is all I have found so far that seems to shed light on my hypothesis.

another one (link to source - it's in a Chinese language):


Mayan Daysigns along the quincunx (a version of the cosmological circle)

Mayan Day signs associated with certain points in the body.  The Mesoamerican word for life force (prana, chi or qi) is Tonalli /to(ː)nalli/...
(For more information see this source)
Compare this to the marma points in the Indian system of Arurveda (or the points on Kalapurusha, or the acupunctures points - these are all minor chakras - chakras in the soul body link up precisely with nerve plexus meeting points in the physical body.  Whenever one flow of energy intersects with another flow of energy a spinning vortex is created (like mini tornadoes) in our energy body:

Ayurveda marma points - link to source
The Mayan daykeepers say that there are twenty daysigns because we have twenty digits (fingers and toes).  In my view this is a partial understanding.  Certainly every energy channel ends up in the palms of the hands and feet as we know from reiki, reflexology and other healing arts, and there are astrology coordinates for these too.

Indian palm astrology

source of reflexology charts

But in my view these systems used for healing deal with Kundalini functioning at the gross physical level of the body only with a limited knowledge of what lies deeper, but these are only the outer sheath layer, the pranamaya kosha, while the real work is being done from deeper inside the layers of our energy anatomy.  Our soul is multilayered, but you need to have some experience of it to perceive that - advanced meditation can give us glimpses, and then we need proper guidance to understand what is going on how and where that only the enlightened ones can give us.  Otherwise we will only ever have a superficial understanding.

This superficial understanding of our energy anatomy is the first stage of soul awareness.  There are three stages and the Hindus refer to them as knots - there is a gross physical knot of awareness, an emotional knot of awareness and a psychic knot of awareness - all tie us or bind us to the illusion of Maya.  In the Chinese system these correspond to the Dantiens.  The energy anatomy diagrams above are a mixture of teachings about different levels of awareness (so no wonder they are confusing - the people who drew them are likely drawing from tradition and not personal experience, and even that can be faulty unless one lives in the clearest space).  Here is what Sri Vasudeva has said about the first knot, the gross physical layer.  I'm using this quote to suggest how it relates to these rudimentary (but complex) energy maps of the prana that flows through the gross physical body (he refers to Kundalini as "She" bowing to tradition):

"In this hold, the manas (the thinking mind) is caught up with the gross senses, and we are very much into body consciousness.  You see that.  Everything is driven by the primal drives of the body.  Mind is caught up there, emotion is caught up there, vitality is caught up there, pranas are caught up there (life force) and we are very much a captured soul in the gross human experience.  But based on our desire for spiritual awakening and our understanding of “Who am I” Kundalini comes up.  In that blessing (that grace) that we have earned from our devotion, from the master, Kundalini as been awakened.

When She comes up the first knot in the awakening that opens up is the knot that ties us to the gross physical.  And that’s called the brahma granthis.  So the knot and the root, the muladhara chakra, has to untie and then we begin to feel that some kind of different energy is there and a more different type of consciousness starts to come as that muladhara area opens up.  And then Kundalini can feature there in what we call kryias or cleansing exercises that are based more on the physicality.  So we may feel that there is heat in those areas and the prana may start to move in those areas, and the awareness of energy and consciousness in those areas are heightened.   That’s the first breaking of the bond [(of Maya)].  It pierces that muladhara, that swadisthana (the sexual area) and comes up to the manipura.  In that area Kundalini can feature through physical movements to help to clear the energy, pranic movements coming to clear the energy’s path.  And the mind starts to open up more so that’s the kind of transformation that begins to happen there."
©Sri Vasudeva, 2017 40 Days Meditation Retreat (Day 27) 

Correspondences to the physical body

Here is a chiropractic map of the 5 zones of the physical body and corresponding organs:

The five chakras below the brow chakra correspond to the five elements so that's how I look at this with the subtle energy anatomy in mind:  root chakra holds the software for the coxis; sacral chakra holds the software for the sacro; navel chakra for the lumbar; heart chakra for the dorsal; and throat chakra for the cervical points.  The chiropractor works with cerebrospinal nerve convergence points in the spine - so this is the outer/gross part corresponding to the sushumna within the soul anatomy part of it.