Diffusionism and Forbidden Archeology

"What if Hindus and Hopis, Advaitins and Aztecs, Tibetan monks and Mayans were part of one world culture -- a spiritual one?"  
 Ricardo Palleres, "Who Discovered America?" Archeology Online, url link, retrieved May 9, 2017

 Although I base my hypothesis on the reality of our subtle energy anatomy and its function as a conduit for the soul's journey through lifetimes, this research wouldn't be complete without a look at more mundane ways people around the world could have accessed this kind of information in ancient times.

The word in archeology for "The adoption of a trait or traits by one society from another and the results of such changes," is diffusionism (www.archaeologywordsmith.com).  For those scientists and theologians who are willing to talk about this, it can become a kind of a chicken-and-egg question, raising heated debates about which culture came first, whose knowledge is more sophisticated, and that sort of power dynamic kind of thing.

Sri Vasudeva's perspective is to look at all points of view as right/correct "vidya" from their own limited perspective (because all perspectives are in limitation), and that we should value what each one brings to the table, seeing all as pieces of one great puzzle - that the world like a bouquet of flowers, and a bouquet can hold many different kinds of flowers - and it is the differences, the variety, that creates beauty in harmony - the synergy of life.

What really excites me is not whether or not Hinduism is the primal philosophy underlying all the other philosophies (I think of Hinduism, from the point of view of Yoga/mysticism, more as a science than a religion).  What excites me is to see all the many ways the lunar mansions as chakras have been used by all these different cultures - because there is no one book that is going to explain it all, but the truth about the nakshatras esoteric meaning is to be found scattered around the globe hidden in the mystical traditions of very ancient cultures and civilizations, most of which are remnants of even older civilizations lost in time.  I think of this as beautiful vase that got shattered and its pieces are spread around the world, and each culture reshaped their piece in their own way to make it work for them.

While diffusionism in some contexts is broadly accepted as plausible, there is a realm known as "forbidden archeology" where this idea of hyperdiffusionism comes in - the idea of Atlantis for example and it doesn't fit the pre-existing theories so it is tossed out as irrational.  In dealing with chakras however, the evidence can't been seen with the physical eyes anyway (you need the gift of the third eye to "see"/"perceive") although the footprints of this ancient knowledge have been left in stone and clay for all to see!  Jyotish - the "eyes of the Vedas" - the light.

Like archeologists I rely a lot on etymology, the study of words through their archaic root meanings, and mythology, the study of philosophy morphed into stories.  In India there is a whole science dedicated to this.  It's called निरुक्त Nirukta

"Yaska, in his famous text titled Nirukta, asserts that Rigveda in the ancient tradition, can be interpreted in three ways - from the perspective of religious rites (adhiyajna), from the perspective of the deities (adhidevata), and from the perspective of the soul (adhyatman)."  (link)

My focus is in the specific query into the relationship of words and mythologies focused on soul evolution, the adhyatman perspective.  Sanskrit sounds are matched to specific vibrations, fifty sounds for fifty petals of the six chakras from root to brow, and how they are linked to the fifty petals times twenty rows of the crown chakra, sahasrara.  Sound is directly correlated with manifestation from the subtlest level through to the most gross level, using the chakras as vehicles for the soul to do that.  The nakshatras and their padas have a great deal to do with this process.  In tantric philosophy, as Sri Vasudeva has taught me, everything in the universe is consciousness vibrating as energy.  This is its most fundamental aspect.  Everything derives from this.   This is the truth that comes before both the chicken and the egg and lays behind it to be discovered eventually by any one and all.

[to be continued]