Egyptian astrology

A lot of the ideas expressed here are me speculating....with wonderment....

"...Hindu astrology...seems to go back to the same origins as the Hermetic astrology..."
Titus Burckhardt, Mystical Astrology According to Ibn Arabi, p.49-50 footnote 

28 "gods" of the royal cubit

A devotee of Sri Aurobindo who was in charge of the library at Auroville has cracked the code in
The Royal Cubit: Psychometrics of Ancient Egypt by Medhananda, 2006 Prisma

"In this book we are introduced to the Egyptian royal measuring tool, an instrument, 52 cm long, showing a list of 28 images, used by architects, engineers and masons to build pyramids and temples. Medhananda's research revealed, that it was meant not simply for building monuments but was perceived also as a secret codex with 28 symbols corresponding to a list of 'gods', of soul powers and the phases of the moon. This codex was meant as a program of self-knowledge and transcendence, an ancient discipline of self-culture, aimed at developing self awareness. So we find 28 'exercises', each helping us to become aware of our own soul powers and to 'build' our complex self with the 'stuff' of consciousness."

In it Medhananda writes:

"When it became known that paradise was not forever,  some great seers and sages conscious of the inexorable coming of a psychologically dark age, selected 28 signs from their garden of symbols, and disposed them in a specific order as a secret code capable of transmitting the essence of the ancient psychological culture, the full range of experimental psychology, the core pattern of the teaching of Thoth, the indispensable minimum knowledge ensuring that generation after generation the capable elite would know itself, form itself and grow into its completeness and fullness, with nothing in hand but the magical want, the royal cubit."  (Medhananda, 1986, The Royal Cubit, p.217)

image link; source article link 
Atem-Ra or Amun-Ra

King Nesu-bit Ra Suma Ba Iflagbemi, is a brilliant modern day scholar and high priest of Khamitic tantra tradition, who has knowledge shared by the Dogon people who were refugees of Egypt and kept many mystical secrets going for millennia.

In one of his videos online (African Astrology is about Powers - location 19:00) he mentions that the nakshatras are cubits.  They are part of the Ak-Neteru science of developing one's talents, genius, and abilities to miraculous levels (as I suspected nakshatras have something to do with siddhis) - while the 12 zodiac signs are about improving one's self-control and behaviour in society - the Aa-Neteru system).  He locates the science of Jyotish and tantra within a "Black Dravidian system".

Medhananda's insights confirm my hypothesis that GV20 is the Creation origin point in the human experience - and every culture's lunar constellation mystery teachings of the first nine or ten points (reordered by me following the GV meridian - either starting from GV19 or GV20) - these are linked to cosmology creation stories.  They have to do with our co-creative powers (in the microcosmic context).   Ram Suma Ba Iflagbemi has come to this same conclusion.  And Sri Vasudeva has taught it to me from the beginning. Creation stories around world tell the same story in their own version that we evolved out of Consciousness and into matter through the Divine intention and word (aum) and I have written elsewhere that the same elements of these form the basis of the mahadasha sequence and the sequence of nakshatra lords (see my "Secrets of the Vimshottari Mahadashas" post).

In this video below, The Creation Text of Ra Decoded - Africa's Androgenous Genesis Account,  Ram Suma Ba Iflagbemi gives an insightful reading of an ancient pyramid text:  The History of the Creation of the Gods and of the World.  His insights into the secrets messages of the hieroglyphics is astounding (his biography is astounding - a sign of an evolved soul - see also Medu Neter Glyphs Are Ancient Science Formulas!, and his videos on Egyptian astrology etc.).  Enjoy:

I don't agree with all of his conclusions or with all of Medhananda's - but I feel confident they are both definitely on the right track!

Image below

This is somebody's interpretation - combining New Age style kabbalah and the major Egyptian gods. They are probably not far off the mark though.  I'm not sure I agree with this but for now it is an interesting idea.  I do not believe there are chakras "above" the crown chakra.  I believe that to be a misinformed idea - because really our connection to the crown is through deeper and deeper layers of the brow chakra.  The innermost point of of the brow (which Sri Vasudeva says is in the center of the brain but of course not part of the brain but of the soul's subtle body) at the point where it meets the edge of infinity at brahmarandhra, according to my studies is GV20 kshetram.  Ultimately any model is misinformed because crown consciousness is beyond forms!  Linear models are useful for grasping what goes where but without the actual experience they are misleading.

Sacred Geometry of the Royal Cubit

Does this remind you of something?

Dendera zodiac

See Ra Suma Ba's decoding of the Dendera zodiac (link).

The Egyptian zodiac is composed of 36 "decans" because each one is 10° of a circle (the cosmological circle).  This became the Drekkana (D3 varga) of the Jyotish system (Wikipedia)!

This is interesting - why 36?  I am thinking possibly it is linked to an esoteric model of the universe based on 36 elements (tattwas).  It is derived from the Babylonian one (and that concerns the formation of the 360° circle which is 10x36 - for a 10-based system)......

Djed & Ankh

It is pretty obvious to me that the djed and the ankh represent risen Kundalini.  I like the cut-to-the-chase esoteric explanation given here where you can read all about it.

The djed is also depicted inside the Giza pyramid which Egyptologists call "The King's chamber" which suggests to me that technologies of the ancient world were wisely based on the Divine technologies of our energy anatomy that allows for our sacred relationship to the Divine and Nature.  Here is the whole decoded story:


To me this (below) is even more significant, so I am focusing here on it:

The shepherd's crook and the GV meridian

The shepherd's hook (Jesus and Govinda) and the symbols of divinity in ancient Egypt remind me very much of the GV meridian:

This is an image of the god Osiris (Osiris may be an Egyptian version of an early form Shiva).  In the royal regalia of the Pharoah indicating symbolic divine attributes (see Wikipedia), the crook became a symbol of Upper Egypt (I think of ascending subtle energy) and the 3-part flail a symbol of Lower Egypt (I think of scourging or purifying the body-identified ego) so it's probably to do with rise of Kundalini and the spiritual journey.  The three parts of the flail might also be related to the 3 central nadis (ida, pingala and sushumna).

Heka and his "gods"

The ancient Egyptian god Heka (Wikipedia)
Not surprisingly the heka, which is the name for the crook (GV meridian) has to do with magic and medicine - just as the occult and healing arts derive from mystical knowledge of the subtle body in the other ancient cultures.  Here is an interesting article about that (link).  I think of the heka as the GV merdian (sushumna path) deified, and if I am correct then any gods or goddesses or numbers associated with him would correspond to the 28 points (also deified) [to be researched]. Anything to do with the chakras, Kundalini and ascension is Divine - in any culture.

In this drawing of the god Heka (the GV meridian deified) it is interesting that he is pointing to either GV27-Ashwini or GV28-Bharani which are the points related to the soul re-entering into a new birth in a human body.

A title of Heka is "He who activates the ka" (ka means soul in ancient Egyptian - in particular that part of the soul associated with vital spark).  When Kundalini is awakened in the sushumna nadi the soul begins its spiritual journey, so this makes sense to me.  Ka-ba has to do with the spirit in the body (Kundalini) and may be the root of words like merkaba (divine light vehicle of ascension in the astral body) and Kabbalah (mystical representation of the astral body in Hermetic Judaism) (see link).  Cyndi Dale in her research on chakrology around the world also connects the idea of Heka as related to the activation of a chakra (which is what Kundalini does in the sushumna) - see link.

Also that Heka is considered a child - this also makes sense.  I am thinking of correlating this to the Tantric Ganesha (associated with GV1 and all of astrology) the divine child that is Wisdom born of Consciousness (Shiva) and Energy (Shakti).  This also works for me.

Above is the hierogylph for Heka isolated into its two parts he and ka.  Upraised arms for ka means ascending Kundalini to me.  And the he looks like the intertwined ida, pingala, which are the solar and lunar nadis criss crossing the sushumna at the major chakra points.

When put together properly it looks like this:

Here is another explanation - the 3 nadis continued to be depicted in various ways...
"He was depicted in anthropomorphic form as a man in royal dress wearing the regal curved beard of the gods and carrying a staff entwined with two serpents. This symbol, originally associated with the healing god Ninazu of Sumer (son of the goddess Gula), was adopted for Heka and traveled to Greece where it became associated with their healing god Asclepius, and today is the caduceus, symbol of the medical profession." (link)

More about the ancient Egyptian conception of the soul and links to Taoist inner alchemy here.

A Jungian view of the Osirus myth makes an interesting observation about Heka:

"If we look carefully into the myth we find ample evidence of the transition that took place during Egypt’s early history when magic (heka) evolved into the proto-science of alchemy."
Thom F. Cavalli re. Embodying Osiris:  The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation (link

Here I take Osirus as the cosmic (macrocosm) counterpart to the microcosmic Heka.  I think of Osiris as the ancient Egyptian concept similar to what the lingam implies to the Hindus.

There is a fantastic theory going around internet that the sphinx was originally Anubis the jackal god, Egyptian guardian of the dead.  I love this artist's reconceptualization:

A lot of things about it makes sense to me - including the colours white, red, black and gold (yellow) - that we have seen before in the basic cosmological circle that is the foundation concept in so many ancient cultures.

This reconceptualization really caught my attention.  This lay researcher named "Chuck" (see his YouTube channel) has done extensive critical investigation into the original sphinx being the predynastic god Inubis:

The ears of Anubis-sphinx would have created the effect of the arms reaching to the light of enlightened consciousness as seen in countless ancient Egyptian pyramid paintings as well as the hieroglyph above suggesting the raised Kundalini.  It is very consistent with ancient sites using marking stones to have sunlight pointing to specific areas, like solistice.  The "arms" would then be ida and pingala with the upward facing triangle (Shiva) representing the sushumna and peak of consciousness experience within the human body at GV20 Brahmarandra.  In the mythology Anubis guards the dead, and leads the dead out of the body during the soul's transition.  Here his that same ideology taken now to represent the death of body-consciousness ego into the light of Self-realized ego.  

Here we see the same concept represented in a different way with Isis and Nephthys flanking the subtle energy body called Osiris.  They probably represent ida and pingala also - the light and dark or sun and moon nadis flanking sushumna (even the way they are sitting and their arm movements are very wavy suggesting the serpentine two and fro movement of ascending Kundalini energy).  And these become the upstretched "arms" in the head area where Ra must be the brow chakra connecting to the sun of the crown chakra.  

And this is all of course tied with the movement of celestial objects in the sky - as above so below - the basis of all of these occult sciences.  The material world reflects what's going on in the inner world.  Mind creates everything.

When the enlightenment teachings are known it all fits.  Every one of these ancient cultures has created its own poetry around the same Truth, with many variations including corrupted versions. Thanks to all who are challenging the dominant paradigms and who are doing independent research to uncover this very ancient secret of our true being.  The more we feel our own energy anatomy, the more all of this becomes so obvious.

Markings on the Heka

Here is the ceremonial crook (heka) and flail (nekhakha) found in King Tut's tomb:

I am very curious about the markings on the crook.  Could these indicate 28 points?  There were three found in King Tut's tomb:
"The crook is inscribed on both the terminal caps with the throne name only - a difference that, in spite of the equality in size of the two objects, may indicate that they were not originally made as a pair. A second pair and an odd crook, all larger, were found in the same wooden box as this flail. All three crooks are composed of alternating cylindrical sleeves of metal overlaid with gold and dark blue glass upon a bronze core."

If Osiris is the djed and the djed is Kundalini rising, the Osiris' emblem of the crook must mostly certainly represent the dumai governor vessel.  This hypothesis needs investigating.  Then the marks on the crook would then naturally relate to the kshtram points associated with the GV - that's if the knowledge about these mystical things were accurately depicted in surviving artifacts.

Osiris on frieze on a wall of tomb QV66 holding the crook (and flail with other emblems)
This is not a far-fetched idea.  Krishna also holds a shepherd's crook and that's also associated with Jesus that in modern times it has been reduced to the mundane Christmas symbol of the candy cane!  This kind of connecting the dots is taken up by all kinds of people like me with radical ideas (see New Age author Richard Cassaro's blog post for example).
Stele_of Ra-Horakhty at the Louvre (click for much larger picture)

So far no luck in finding the points to go with the crook.

The flail could also have another meaning related to rebirth (and I'm thinking of the conception vessel which completes the orbit (see the 3 fox skins hieroglyph below):

However there are a lot of interesting ideas about the djed, ankh, and was (the three relate to Kundalini also) that they have something to do with ancient electricity technology similar to what Nichola Tesla discovered and prooved (example).  This is the essence of "magic" (science as magic, the mastery of prana (life force energy) producing miraculous effects in the material world) and it is perhaps true.  It is interesting that the crook of the Pharaoah would be gold plated and covered with these blue copper bands (link) - certainly all are electrical conductors.  And the entire sushumna nadi is the central energy conductor in the human body.  So this makes perfect sense to me!  How many scientific breakthroughs arise when we look at Nature?  And it has been observed by many that the technological achievements of ancient times is due to insights from meditation - and we can all do this.  I have done it myself.  The akasha in the space between the heart and throat holds the memories of all that has ever been thought up by any being in any universe!  To me, this space is the true Alexandria Library, and the one that is supposed to be buried below the paws of the Sphinx.  It is inside all of us and accessible through deep meditation and a certain level of spiritual attainment.

Horus and the GV Meridian?

Here is an amazing explanation of the dawn of a new year (December 25th - incidentally the date chosen to represent Christmas) depicted in the form of the so-called Dendera "lightbulb" - but decoded here to mean something that I think is more like enlightened consciousness.  The snake inside looks to me like the GV meridian with Kundalini moving up along sushumna creating spiritual light:

[more to follow]