Enlightenment and the Nakshatras

Sri Vasudeva has taught me (almost) everything I know about Enlightenment so I will try to summarize some of the main points about it here and how I think they relate to the GV template of the nakshatras:
  • We are spiritual souls in a human experience.  Our origin is not of this world.  That is NOT saying that we are UFO aliens!  Absolutely not!  It means that our most authentic being is pure Consciousness, the same that permeates everything in life.  GV28 Bharanyi represents (to me) that stage in soul-life when we the soul enter into a human experience at the level of the body.  
  • Our soul bodies are three in number.  Just as a person wears layers of clothing, we wear three energy layers.  Consciousness, that One Self ("God" sporting in "His/Her" own creation) when That began to vibrate it split itself into everything and everything.  Everything from That is a soul expressing that One Self in limited consciousness.  In order to manifest in physical form first Consciousness needs an energy form.  This created mind - all the mental worlds or mental dimensions.  Mind begins as an intention unmanifest, in seed form, a primordeal form in a causal field (because it is the cause of what follows).  Once this seed sprouts, mind is in its active form in an astral layer.  And once this astral layer condenses into solid our soul experiences the physical layer.  One who lives in ordinary consciousness experiences these layers as deep sleep, dreaming, and "waking".  The irony is that what we think of as being awake is actually the deepest ignorance. The Enlightenment process takes us backwards so that eventually the dreaming and deep sleep become more real to us than the grosser layers.  In astrology the spiritual direction is opposite to the material direction, for this reason.  (I am not speaking of mental illness or living in fantasies - enlightenment is a very clear, very rooted experience, and I have met people who have mental illness and some degree of awakening too - life is complicated.)
  • Consciousness manifests in these three basic layers/modes in life.  In the individual soul, we manifest our limited consciousness in the two mental energy layers (astral and causal) that we carry from lifetime to lifetime but the physical energy layer is created for us by Nature.  Our physical body is a gift that we borrow from Nature.  Our human body is made of over 50 trillion cells, each of which is also a soul trapped in a "cell" experience!  Our physical body has senses and our energy bodies have senses that allow us to experience/perceive all the layers. When a soul enters into a human body, each of these senses plus the mind and our connection to pure Consciousness connects to the same in the other bodies - so perfectly that we get confused:  Who am I - body, mind, bliss???  In the story of the nakshatras, in the mythology and in the GV template, we are given a cosmological story (the Self creating life in the universe) and a human story related to our unique individual experience as a soul involved in a human experience, going into it (devolutionary) and transcending it or "ascending"/"waking"/becoming more enlightened (evolutionary).
  • The energy transformers that allow us to experience all three bodies and our connection to pure Consciousness - so perfectly that they have the CAPABILITY to act as one in perfect harmony - these energy transformers expressing consciousness at each level they are called chakras.  In the causal body they manifest as our repertoire because they hold the memories of the deepest impressions (samskaras) of our attachments (like and dislike) that we have held on to and identified with from lifetime to lifetime.  In the GV template of the nakshatras I believe this causal body begins with GV8 Magha in the hrit/hridaya chakra all the way up the Brahmanadi to the Brahmarandhra chakra at GV20 Abhijit.  So we experience the chakras through three layers of being and the transcendent space allows us to see this.  That is why I think the lunar mansions are given in sets of three - three layers of experience for each chakra.
  • The energy healer, the lightworker - can only "heal" through the layer they themselves have accessed in their own evolutionary process.  Sri Vasudeva says "No one can give you what they do not have in themselves."  There are very few enlightened energy healers so most of the information about enlightenment coming from these sources are based on the notion of the chakras as existing in the astral layer only.  The deeper layers are not understood yet by most - but it is still a sign of progress that we can we even talk about the astral layer - that mind is not the brain - this is a small step for enlightenment but a giant step for humankind!  The GV - the Governor Vessel or Dumai meridian known in acupuncture as one of the eight extraordinary vessels is really the sushumna nadi.  There are seven primary chakras from root to crown in the sushumna and each of these chakras are responsible for every area of life in the human experience.  As long as the soul is involved in the human experience we need to have energy bodies manifesting chakras.  There is nothing in life that does not involve these chakras.  Acupuncture, like other healing and divinatory arts are concerned with the minor chakra points that these seven are connected to.  Every chakra is connected to a nerve plexus in the physical body.  That is how mind connects to the physical senses and to the world around the body, our environment (Nature).  But these are all like antennae in a way because the world we experience is an illusion (Maya) - a smoke and mirrors effect of Consciousness in a dance (Nataraja) - so the world is really being experienced within.  "Everything is within," says Sri Vasudeva.  Change happens from the inside.  We can change our world when we change ourselves from the inside - this creates the most powerful change - when we work in harmony with the great Self that is manifesting in and through us.  All the Vedic stories connected with the nakshatras, and all the mythic/religious stories connected with all the lunar mansions, help to illustrate and teach how we struggle to work in harmony with all these layers of being.  We are multi-dimensional beings so scripture needs to be read as multidimensional too.  
  • The awakening of Kundalini is when the journey of Enlightenment really begins.  Kundalini is the power (Shakti) and consciousness (Shiva) of the One Self manifesting inside the soul in the human experience.  It is that aspect of Consciousness that manifests inside the soul experience - it is just a label for the same life force that manifests everywhere in all of life.  It is life itself!  In Hinduism the Kundalini is the Great Guide within, the Guru Principle.  All kinds of poetry has been written about this Guide, this "Female" force that feels like an uncoiling serpent inside purging all the chakras as "She" snakes Her way up through the sushumna and into the deeper layers of the sushumna into the Brahmanadi towards Her Beloved (One Self) in the crown chakra.  This is the Holy Spirit in Christian terminology.  There is so much confusion and misunderstanding about Kundalini.  Nobody explains what this Evolutionary Force is all about as well as my Guru, Sri Vasudeva (in my opinion - of course I am biased).  The ways in which She purges and unblocks the chakras are spelled out in all the Vedas and of course in the stories of the individual nakshatras as well.  Not every religion acknowledges the presence of Kundalini but as Sri Vasudeva believes and I totally agree, that Kundalini movements and the change in consciousness that results from this are behind every single spiritual experience we can have.  It is only the terminology that people quibble over and the philosophical stories that go with that but it is the same universal experience.  I think of Hinduism (and Taoism) as more of a science than a religion because they have mapped out everything in such detail.  But it is a sacred science - deserving of great respect!  Just as there are laws of physics there are spiritual laws also and these cannot be broken or there are terrible consequences (just look at the state of our world today - what we spiritually ignorant humans have done)!
  • Enlightenment, or the waking up to our true nature and full potential in every aspect of life is a gradual process, a process of many layers and many stages.  The human experience affords us the opportunity to experience a dimension based on TIME.  This is where astrology shines. Astrology measures the karmic timing of things and the influences of the natal planets and stars based on measurements - patterns and angles and relationships.  To me, astrology is a great tool (one of many) that give me another perspective about who I am, where I am situated, why I tend to make the choices I do, why I tend to attract certain situations and people into my life etc...  Karma is a spiritual law, a principle that says every action produces a corresponding consequence.  The more I know about karma, the better I can work with this law.  There is another law that is the Guru Principle - that we are constantly begin guided from within intuitively and if we grow this intuitive faculty we become wiser in the choices we make.  There is another law that is the Ganesha Principle that all the challenges and obstacles we encounter are also the consequences of choices we made in the past, designed to help us grow in consciousness, to evolve, to act in more righteous ways, ways that will allow us to travel deeper in meditation or higher up the sushumna (two different expressions of the same thing).  The Ganesha Principle is also tied in with the Holographic Principle, that everything in the universe is a mirror of the One Self, so that every situation and person I attract is mirroring some attachment within myself at a causal layer - and this accounts for the principle of "as above so below" that is so often quoted in occult circles.  And there are many other principles, but the simple thing is that it's all about waking up, all about remembering who we are - One Self in a limited or contracted experience.  And it's all about making wise choices in life that harmonize with the intention of this One Self.  It's a wonderful journey.  The scriptures of every noble tradition speak to this in so many ways that there is a path for everyone - and whether you follow a religion or not (everyone follows a set of beliefs because everyone has a 9th house/bhava in their chart), life will push you to evolve, like it or not.  So all these paths or yogas (means of uniting with Pure Consciousness / God / One Self...) are means by which we can CO-OPERATE with this Evolutionary urge.  
  • To live without enlightenment knowledge and tools is a miserable existence.  We search for happiness in things that don't last - things of the material world.  As Sri Vasudeva teaches, life on Earth - life in the physical dimension - was meant for our enjoyment.  But the catch is to really enjoy life on Earth we need as much as possible in a lifetime to live simultaneously in the spiritual world and in the material world.  The material world is not to be demonized but it is not everything that is, and it is not who we are.  The trick is to become more awake so that we can be in an objective and clear witnessing/observing space whilst acting fully engaged in the world.  Just as God/Consciousness is able to split itself into many souls, so too we are able to live in several dimensions at once and to witness all of them from a space of transcendence.  This is everyone's potential.  Imagine playing a video game and forgetting that you are operating the game and thinking you ARE the avatar!  It happens all the time, we get caught up in the game and forget how much control we have.  But this is only an analogy.  There is so much more to it.  The deeper we get in meditation, the greater we are able to connect to Source, the more enjoyable life on the outside becomes.  The goal is to live in meditation permanently whilst active in the world.  Life can be meditation and meditation can be life!
So this is my little snapshot summary about Enlightenment for today.  It is hard to summarize twenty-five years of research and even harder to explain in an intellectual/philosophical way the spiritual experiences that lead to this knowledge.  It just shows the depth that life has to offer and the marvellous teachings embedded/encoded in astrology - especially the nakshatra system!

How any of this aligns with the nakshatras from my point of view is the subject of this entire website!  I believe that enlightened beings of ancient times used the stars the way enlightened beings of modern times use PowerPoint - simply to illustrate their teachings.  Do the actual physical stars have any impact on our soul life?  I would say yes to the extent that we allow them too.  The more I understand the nakshatras in my own chart the more aware I become of my own tendencies and areas of chakra blockage.  The nakshatras for me are a tool to seeing my own blind spots in my evolutionary journey. The nakshatras are after all limited to what mind "Chandra" is capable of showing me through the astral and casual layers of my being and the chakras that permeate them.  Mind is my bridge between God and this material world of the senses but it is not my destination.

Enlightenment is really about the return to Abhijit after Transcendence

Capricorn, Makara, is associated with Brahmarandhra Chakra while Pisces is associated with the Crown Chakra - of this I am now certain. When finally attain enlightenment transcending the domain of individuality-consciousness and enter into the deep experience of all-is-one-Self, we are not caught up in mind or body. Returning to active duty (so to speak) at Brahmarandhra Chakra as a fully enlightened being is to be involved in the world at the peak of one's powers, in full self-mastery. This is the "throne" of the Enlightened One, the Christs, the Krishnas, the Buddhas, the Mohammads, the true Guru Consciousness place. This is Abhijit, the unmoved mover of the pole star (druva) that Krishna identifies with in Bhagavad Gita. This is in Capricorn - the original 10th house and the zenith or high noon position of the sun that is so important in tropical astrology. Doesn't this make perfect sense? The highest point on top of our head according to acupuncture aligns to Abhijit? And when the avataurs of the world after coming here lifetime after lifetime - when their work is done, they go to sleep in the permanent resting place of ego where there is no more individual consciousness and no more form - and that is in Revati GV26. Revati to me is like the ultimate end - but Abhijit is the true goal of the seeker - to live in this world from a place of complete bliss and total self-mastery.  And that's why the age of Pisces began in descending Kali Yuga, was Kali Yuga - the darkest age of ignorance for souls in the human experience.  

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p.s. In reading over my post (and I'm in a hurry so it's not very clear) I see the folly of trying to teach this.  Who is going to understand this?  No wonder the sages used stories and poetry instead of being direct.  People are so stuck in their belief system nobody is going to be open-minded enough to even try to understand any of this.  But here it is my truth as I see it for those who do try.  The best way to know the truth is to follow a practice (like meditation) so that you experience for yourself your own evolving multidimensional nature and transformations in consciousness.  This is a study and a journey of lifetimes!  It cannot be explained in a post LOL!