My Findings so Far

Here is what I've realized so far (updated Nov.18/17):

The GV template used in acupuncture must have derived from a much older system based on mystical realizations about our invisible energy anatomy and the deeper forces of consciousness that drive them, a knowledge that is extremely ancient.  Astronomical analysis of Rig Veda's dates for example shows that mysticism and astrology were connected at least as far back as 6,000 B.C.  Based on the theory (yugas; J.C. Calleman's decoding of the Mayan calendar) that humanity is fallen from a more spiritually evolved state, this is understandable.  There have been ages eons ago (that we are now moving towards once again) when this knowledge will become more and more our personal experience and not the purview of an elite only.  Based on what I call the principle of "broken telephone" this core knowledge has been scattered across the globe like so many shards of a broken mirror.

The nakshatras, based on clues mostly found in the etymology of their names, of the deities and shakti's associated with them - make more sense when overlaid on this template of the GV.  When you contemplate their connection with mystical processes, you will understand how the more mundane meanings have derived from them.  This is not a "taking away from" but an "adding to".

The nakshatras deal with the powers of the moon representing manas, that part of the mind associated with the subtle senses and subtle elements that allow our soul (that mental field that encompasses all aspects of mind including intelligence and ego) to experience and manage the corresponding physical aspects - because mind is like the software and the physical body the hardware, and every chakra in the astral and causal bodies/fields links to a physical nerve plexus in the physical body.  That's what gives acupuncture its power, but more importantly that's how we are able to experience this Bhurloka, this Earthly plane of existence.

One of the intentions of the sages who created the nakshatra names, deities and shaktis - must have been to teach ways in which we can mentally access our inner powers - through all kinds of yogic techniques and right behaviour - because in many ways the journey through the nakshatras (the moon's orbit) reads like a pranayama manual, or a guide to self-realization and the reincarnation process.

No resource (and I cannot emphasize this enough) is more powerful than personal experience with an awakened Kundalini and the guidance of one who is already fully and permanently self-realized.  Without this compass, it is easy to lose any sense of discrimination as to what teaching is true or false, and also what teaching goes to the depth of truth or only deals with a surface part of it.  This is because we are multidimensional beings, not physical and mental only but beings of pure consciousness.  It is very easy to go astray in doing this research without that kind of compass.  Even so the terrain is vast and even self-realized masters have different points of view, or often in their writings and talks they are speaking to a certain audience with a certain level of understanding and in a certain context.  So I take everything with a grain of salt - and that allows me to see things outside of the box of "tradition" and "dogma".

The nakshatra's relationship to the chakras gives more details about the systems to do with each chakra.  As Kundalini opens us up to the identity, consciousness and energy of each chakra we are able to penetrate deeper and deeper layers.  Sri Vasudeva maintains that the seven major chakras are responsible for every area of life in the human experience.  Every chakra is also a plane of existence, a dimension (loka).  We are living in the root chakra but simultaneously also in the others.  The more I explore the systems associated within each of the major chakras the more I see how the occult and healing arts evolved out of them.  These are all potential distractions on the path for the sincere spiritual seeker and I am not advocating any of this as a path, only sharing the knowledge to enlighten others about the tremendous cocreative power we have using the tools of mind, breath, energy and the wise guidance of Kundalini - to enjoy this earth school experience to its fullest, to gain the four goals of life - dharma, artha, kama, moksha and so live to one's fullest potential.

Astrology is an occult science that helps to bridge the gap between mysticism and Cartesian science but it needs to honour its higher role as the "eyes of the Vedas" in order to do that.  If only people realized the value of knowing about and learning how to manage their energy anatomy and to live in the way of working with spiritual consciousness evolution, life would bring all fruits and no dis-ease. We would build a greater understanding of our prarabdha karamas (the karmas we came to work out in this lifetime), and be able to work with all the energies in the way of wisdom.

Finally a reminder that all of this is a work-in-progress.  The contents of this site are my research notes as I go along - and I don't have time to edit things too much.  After five years of doing this in private, thinking I'm going to write a book about it (which I may end up doing once I've figured it all out), I thought this information is way too important to keep from the public.  Besides that in sharing it all open access like this, some amazing researchers have contributed and I am always grateful for other people's insights.  This information should be empowering to all.  Technology alone will not save us - we need to become more enlightened, and in becoming more enlightened we can co-create a better world, living in harmony with all of life.