Nakshatras and the Fixed Stars

I haven't really explored the astronomy part of this because I'm so focused on the esoteric part.  The greatest comparative study I've yet seen of the stars' importance to the Chinese, Indian and Arabian ancient cultures is Anne Wright's Constellation of Words website (link).   The wealth of star lore she has collected is encyclopedic and makes for great reference material.

In my opinion the influence of the stars isn't anything to do with "gravity" (at least not for the ones far away).  For me it has to do with light, brightness, and moreso with the subtle essence of the stars and planets, their "behaviour" in the sky, and the way the physical universe mirrors what's going on in the inner world that is unseen by the physical eyes.

I hope to get to an analysis of the fixed stars eventually - beyond things like the Milky Way as a metaphor for the sushumna... and why are certain astronomical events universally seen as auspicious or inauspicious.  I guess this is the heart of astrology.  But I am working on this from the inside out, from the lens of mysticism.

[to be continued]