Mystical Meaning of the Zodiac

When assigned to the acupuncture points along the Dumai or Governor General meridian, the true meaning of the zodiac and their association with spiritual evolution through the chakras becomes very clear:

Starting with Aries - the rooting of the soul entering a new incarnation through the mouth down the conception vessel and into the root chakra at the bottom.  Why is Aries represented by rams horns?  They do resemble fallopian tubes.  

Next Taurus between the root and sacral chakras, an area associated with the earth and procreation - obviously.  Taurus is the bull or sacred bovine - the cow in Hinduism that represents Mother Earth.  Taurus expresses these qualities.

And Gemini, the lovers at the sacral chakra.  The sacral chakra is where we experience our divine god and goddess energies.  That's what "twins" really means.

Cancer is in the navel chakra, a highly emotional area associated with our lower nature, still linked to the watery energy of the sacral chakra.  Cancer was the sacred scarab of the Egyptians, symbolizing the ego as seeker, looking for the spiritual light, representing by the ball of dung it rolls and lays its eggs in.  The brahmanadi begins here going up all the way to the top of the head.  It is the deep causal channel within the sushumna where all the egos of the past are stored.

Next Leo entering into the hrit chakra area between the navel and heart chakras, a place of co-creative power - the heart, the heart of the ego and the courage of the navel chakra.  Individuality is expressed in the deep causal layer of brahmanadi as ego discovers its power to manifest its will in the world - that power of co-creation.

Virgo is the heart chakra, represented by the virgin, the purity, the space of the worshipper, the upper emotions like kindness, love, compassion that begin to be expressed here.  The Christian Virgin Mary was originally associated with Virgo.

Libra is the throat chakra balancing the head and torso with the neck - and thus dividing heaven and earth - represented by the equinox points.  The GV points are in the clavicle area - the upper heart or where heart and throat meet.  The human torso with arms hanging at the sides look like the balance scales and I think this is what is represented.  In some remote past Libra was really the claws of Scorpio.  The akasha is found here through psychic experience so it's associated with intuition, insight and genius as the crown downloads knowledge through the brow into the throat and the heart knows things that reason can't deny - or to quote Blaise Pascal "The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing."  In life we need to balance heart and head to make intelligent yet ethical decisions (no AI can do that).

Scorpio is associated with the back of the head where the medulla point is located and that part of the brain associated with memory, the deep unconscious patterns of behaviour that make us react in very scorpion like ways - defensive and reactive.  It represents the deeper, more hidden parts of us.

Sagittarius rules the upper back of the brain.  When Kundalini reaches these points, we are ascending towards the crown chakra and enlightenment - hence its association with religion.  The mind becomes one-pointed like an arrow, the sign for Sagittarius and finally reaches the mahanada point of aum - oneness in the manifested world.

Capricorn represents the peak human experience in the aum, that source of all manifested creation beyond which is transcendence, transcending the human experience.  Here at the top of the head we begin to experience the crown chakra as Guru consciousness, in the Guru chakra.  We are still in the brow chakra because the crown chakra is truly infinite and the background of all the other chakras.  It is not a linear reality but multidimensional.  The ancients thought of Consciousness as a watery, milky ocean - which is what the night sky looks like, versus the earthly experience which is solid. That's why Capricorn symbols tend to be part earthly part aquatic.  In some cultures this constellation was depicted as a unicorn representing the extended third eye of the physical-vehicle-horse.

Beyond the revelation "I am Guru" comes the cosmic consciousness represented by Aquarius, that "I am the Self in everything" - where ego moves beyond leadership and self-mastery into the deepest self-realization possible in any form.  We must have ego to have a form.  Form/ego is represented by the pot and consciousness in the form of the watery ocean is spilling out of it - hence the symbolism.

Finally Pisces completes the journey after many lifetimes in a self-realized state, the soul wants total mergence in that pure blissful Consciousness that is the source of all.  This is the mahasamadhi moksha, the final detaching from all egos of all lifetimes into a blissful causal sleep represented by the fish in the cosmic ocean of life.  Vishnu, the sustainer, rests on this collective causal body between the Satyugas until the next Big Bang and life begins all over again.  So we never die.  We are immortal beings.  The original Pisces was one fish, like the Kurma that was Vishnu's first incarnation.  It is the collective causal field or akashic record that holds all memories of all beings that explodes and begins to experience itself in separate forms all over again.

And so the zodiac, thus represented takes us through the entire soul story - both on an individual level and the macrocosmic level.

When you understand this, the choice of symbols and their meanings become clear and obvious.  That's how you know it's the true and original meaning.