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About me

I am not an astrologer but Vedic astrology (Jyotish) is a hobby and passion of mine so I am self-taught in Vedic Astrology with a special interest in the Nakshatras (lunar mansions).  I also paint and write with a focus on the mystical (artist website; Instagramartist Facebook).

I look at Vedic astrology through the lens of enlightenment teachings because Jyotish is, "the eyes of the vedas" and it's a fascinating glimpse into the impact that karma via timing of the planetary transits and mahadashas have in one's life on all levels.  And the natal chart gives deep insights into the psychological strengths and weaknesses, and the ego patterns of one's life.  I am also trained as a social worker, trained in Western style psychotherapy - but I feel blessed to understand the language of both both mysticism (the original psychotherapy) and modern mainstream psychology.  The existence of the soul has never been acknowledged in mainstream science, which is still caught up in Kali Yuga thinking - but that bubble is bursting as more and more people have spiritual experiences, and deeper consciousness shifts, and are realizing neuroscience can't explain all of it away as just the brain chemistry or just the imagination, and are also realizing that traditional religions that have divorced themselves of their mystical roots can't explain either.  The real person that I am is simply "I am" - a drop of consciousness dancing in the ocean of maya.

As a seeker of Truth my passion is to become fully enlightened.  I have been meditating for 25 years and continue to study my Teacher's work, Satguru Sri Vasudeva's teachings about Enlightenment, Kundalini and the Chakras, and I have transcribed most of his workshops from around the world.  I share from my own personal experience as a work-in-progress in consciousness transformation openly, as a public service.  I am interested in Vedic astrology primarily as a tool in the spiritual journey, a tool of co-creating one's journey with the planets and stars.  I don't care to give people chart readings about the mundane things of life (give me this, give me that).  I get excited when people are interested in self-development, in living to their highest potential.

The more I look into the this idea of nakshatras as chakras, the more astonished I am at the depth of their meaning and possible/probable origins into the roots of religions from the most ancient times! There is a code there waiting to be discovered - within us and in the deepest mystical teachings of ancient times.

Why I am sharing this research

I am open to all points of view because I believe that everyone adds an important piece to the whole puzzle of life.  Mysticism shows us how we are all the same inside regardless of differences on the outside.

I come to this research from the perspective that mysticism is at the root of everything - all areas of human endeavour.  This is as Sri Vasudeva has taught also - that the seven chakras are responsible for every area of life and that Kundalini is at the root of all spiritual experiences.    My life and world view changed when Kundalini awakened in me and my wish is that you experience your own Truth also...and if you have experienced it, that you share it - pay it forward, so we can live in a world full of Light.

My articles:  

An article where I try to explain how I came to all of this from many different fields of study Mystical Origins of the 28 Nakshatras, SpiritualForums.com Mar.11/17

 "The Nakshatras’ Relationship to the Sushumna Chakras," IndiaDivine.org, Nov.9/16

How I work my chakras:  a series of journal entries (2015-2016) sharing my meditation practice following the teachings of Sadguru Sri Vasudeva:  link

"The Three Sisters of Self-Empowerment" Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology, an interview with Vedic expert, Narada-Kush Visser  (reprinted from Vitality Magazine, Toronto, November 2005 edition).