Special Guest Articles/Interviews

I am extremely grateful for the marvellous contributions of these esteemed researchers for sharing their views on Chakras in the Sky (in order of the most recent article):*

Georgina Cannon, author & award-winning board certified clinical hypnotist and lecturer at the School for Continuing Studies University of Toronto

Hypnosis has uncovered a lot of evidence for reincarnation, in particular the interlife process that souls commonly undergo before and after entering into a new lifetime.  In the hypnotic regression state many people are able to recall their interlife and what went on there.  This can bring a deeper understanding of the purpose behind one’s present lifetime by experiencing it again!  As the ancient wise ones knew, the principle in life that brings us into the earth plane from lifetime to lifetime is called karma, a Sanskrit word meaning “action and consequence”.  In this fascinating article "The Karma Process: The Source of Wisdom" written for Chakras in the Sky Aug.20/17, Georgina Canon speaks to a question she gets all the time in her clinic:  “Can I change my karma?”

Achala (Sylwia Mihajlović), Jyotishi, author and Atma Kriya Yoga Teacher
Jyotish practitioner and author of Discovering Youniverse:  The Missing Link Between Jyotish and Spirituality Achala Sylwia Mihajlović shares her brilliant re-discovery of the connection between the Nakshatras and the 50 petals of the 7 major chakras in this fascinating article Relationship of the Nakshatras to the Chakra Petals, ChakraNakshatras.blogspot.ca, June 4, 2017.

Carl Johan Calleman, New Age Mayanist

Special guest article by author and researcher Dr. Carl Johan Calleman: "Were the predictions about December 21, 2012 flawed?"  ChakraNakshatras.blogspot.ca, Jan.17/17   This includes a link to a recent webinar where Dr. Calleman shares his views on whether the Mayan and Vedic yugas reflect the same reality.

Narada-Kush Visser, Vedic Teacher and Astrologer

"The Three Sisters of Self-Empowerment" Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology, an interview with Vedic expert, Narada-Kush Visser  (reprinted from Vitality Magazine, Toronto, November 2005 edition with the interviewee's permission).

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