Table of Contents


Mystical Meaning of the Zodiac
Secrets of Planetary Exaltation
Powers of the Moon
Sri Vasudeva on Chakras
Enlightenment and the Nakshatras
Circle of Life Geometry, Number & Name
What's in a Name?
Why do Nakshatras Come in Threes?
Reincarnation and The Monomyth
Sri Yukteswar's The Holy Science and the Nakshatras
Practical Application
My Findings so Far (continually updated)
Taittirya Brahmana - the Nakshatra sutras

Minor Chakras, Ksetram and their relationship to the Nakshatras:

Head chakras 
Throat chakras 
Heart chakras 
Navel chakras 
Sacral chakras
Root chakras

Acupuncture points, corresponding nakshatras and their (approximate) archetypal energies:

GV1 Krittika Root chakra (cutting) 
GV2  Rohini Sacral chakra - the kanda (procreating)
GV3  Mrigasira Sacral chakra (pleasuring)
GV4  Ardra Sacral chakra (restraining)
GV5  Punarvasu Navel chakra (vitalizing)
GV6  Pushya Navel chakra (transmuting)
GV7  Ashlesha Navel chakra - Brahma granthis (manifesting)
GV8  Magha Hrit chakra (co-creating)
GV9  PurvaPhalguni Heart chakra (desiring)
GV10 UttaraPhalguni Heart chakra (bestowing)
GV11 Hasta Heart chakra (sharing)
GV12 Chitra Heart chakra - akasha (intuiting)
GV13 Swati Heart chakra (chanting)
GV14 Vishakha/Radha Throat chakra (purifying)
GV15  Anuradha Throat chakra - Vishnu granthis (returning)
GV16 Jyestha Brow chakra - manas (sensing)
GV17 Mula Brow chakra - manas (centering)
GV18 PurvaShada Brow-to-crown chakra - lower bindu (imbibing)
GV19 UttaraShada Brow-to-crown chakra - mahanada (aligning) 
GV20 Abhijit Crown chakra (doorway) - brahmarandhra (anchoring) 
GV21 Shravana Crown-to-brow - mahanada (sounding) 
GV22 Dhanishtha/Shravishtha Crown-to-brow - lower bindu (vibrating)
GV23 Shatabhisha Crown-to-brow - manas (connecting)
GV24 PurvaBhadrapada Crown-to-brow -  manas (judging)
GV25 UttaraBhadrapada Crown-to-brow (surrendering)
GV26 Revati Crown-to-brow (merging)
GV27 Ashwini Brow-to-root (mirroring)
GV28 Bharani Brow-to-root (rebirthing)

28 Chinese Lunar Constellations

The 28 Generals - Artwork of Dai Dun Bang 戴敦邦
Secrets of the I Ching

29 Mayan Day Signs and Night Lords (underworlds)

Mayan Day Signs and Night Signs (28+1)

28 Arabian lunar mansions
Arabian Manazil Reinterpreted

28 Egyptian gods of the royal cubit

Egyptian psychometrics

Sandbox:  Ideas I am exploring

Exploring the Nakshatra Meanings in the Cosmological Circle
Interesting Ideas from Western Occultism
Prehistoric, Primitive, and Childlike Mind
Secrets of the Vimshottari Mahadasha Sequence
Suryia Namaskar & the Zodiac
Study of Taittiriya Brahmana
The Brilliance of the Ancient World
Diffusionism and Forbidden Archeology
Nakshatras and the Fixed Stars
Celtic Lunar Mansions
Worship of Lunar Mansions
Mysteries of Ancient Greece

[to be continued]

* I have this set up looking like an e-book, but if it is an e-book it is more like Wikipedia, a living breathing encyclopedia that is constantly changing as I jump from subject to subject, modifying posts and giving more attention to the research than making it look all pretty and publication perfect.  The posts are always being edited and it's really not a great idea to copy any of them because they are going to be updated away.  It can only get better and better this way growing organically and co-creatively with the help of other researchers!